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Gears of War The Soundtrack

Gears of War The Soundtrack

Release DateJul 31, 2007
ArtistsKevin Riepl
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsPC, Xbox 360
GamesGears of War
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1Gears Of War
214 Years After E-Day
3Jacinto Prison
4Attack Of The Drones
5Embry Square
6Fish In A Barrel
7House Of Sovereigns
8Minh's Death
9Entering The Tombs
10Tomb Of The Unknowns
11Ephyra Streets I
12Ephyra Streets II
13Miserable Wretches
14Stay In The Light
15Chap's Gas Station
16Fill 'Er Up At Chap's
17I will Kryll You
18Locus Wreteches And Kryll
19Imulsion Mines
20East Barracade Academy
21The Fenix Estate
22Locust Infestation
23Hidden Lab
24Running With Boomers
25Oh The Horror
26Train Wreck - Locust Theme
27Train Ride To Hell
28Gears Of War Reprise
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