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Ring Fit Adventure Original Soundtrack

Ring Fit Adventure Original Soundtrack

リングフィット アドベンチャーオリジナル・サウンドトラック
Release DateOct 18, 2019
ArtistsAsuka Hayazaki, Maasa Miyoshi, Shiho Fujii, Shinji Ushiroda
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip
PlatformsNintendo Switch
GamesRing Fit Adventure
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2Welcome to Ring Fit Adventure!
4Dragaux Released
5Sync with Ring
6Start of the Adventure
7World Map
8Begginia (Outdoor)
9In the First Place
10Postworkout Check
11Postworkout Check Results
12Dojo / Temple 1
13Ring Change
15Battle (Tipp's Guide)
16Battle (Guard)
17Battle (Attack 1)
18Battle (Rhythm Exercise)
19Battle (Yoga Exercise)
20Battle (Attack 2)
21Battle (Final Blow)
22Dragaux Stadium 1
23Dragaux Stadium (Last Steps)
24Dragaux Appear
25VS. Dragaux
26VS. Dragaux (Tipp's Posture Guide)
27VS. Dragaux (Guard)
28VS. Dragaux (Attack 1)
29VS. Dragaux (Rhythm Exercise)
30VS. Dragaux (Yoga Exercise)
31VS. Dragaux (Attack 2)
32VS. Dragaux (Final Blow)
33Dragaux Escape
34World Map Clear
35Static Stretching
36The Land of the Night
37Minigame Tutorial
38Minigame 1
39Minigame 1 (Fast)
40Minigame 2
41Squattery Wheel
42Minigame Results
43Treasure Pass
44General Store
46The Nation of Sporta
47Dragaux Stadium 2
48Dojo / Temple 2
49Boss Stage
50Boss Battle
51Boss Battle (Tipp's Posture Guide)
52Boss Battle (Guard)
53Boss Battle (Attack 1)
54Boss Battle (Rhythm Exercise)
55Boss Battle (Yoga Exercise)
56Boss Battle (Attack 2)
57Boss Battle (Final Blow)
58Dragaux Stadium 3
59Fitness Gym
60Treasure Pass 2
61VS. The Four Masters
62VS. The Four Masters (Tipp's Posture Guide)
63VS. The Four Masters (Guard)
64VS. The Four Masters (Attack 1)
65VS. The Four Masters (Rhythm Exercise)
66VS. The Four Masters (Yoga Exercise)
67VS. The Four Masters (Attack 2)
68VS. The Four Masters (Final Blow)
69Dragaux Stadium 4
70Dragaux Dance
71Battle Gym
72Begginia (Indoor)
73Dojo / Temple 1 (Otherside)
74In the First Place (Otherside)
75The Nation of Sporta (Otherside)
76Dragaux Stadium 5
77Dragaux Yoga
78Dojo / Temple 2 (Otherside)
79Treasure Pass 2 (Otherside)
80Dragaux Stadium 6
81Dragaux Final Appearence
82VS. Dark Dragaux
83VS. Dark Dragaux (Tipp's Posture Guide)
84VS. Dark Dragaux (Guard)
85VS. Dark Dragaux (Attack 1)
86VS. Dark Dragaux (Rhythm Exercise)
87VS. Dark Dragaux (Yoga Exercise)
88VS. Dark Dragaux (Attack 2)
89VS. Dark Dragaux (Final Blow)
91World Map Last Clear
92Staff Credits

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