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Dragon Age: Origins Original Videogame Score

Dragon Age: Origins Original Videogame Score

Release DateDec 8, 2009
ArtistsAubrey Ashburn, Inon Zur
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsPC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
GamesDragon Age: Origins
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1Dragon Age: Origins
2I Am The One (High Fantasy Version)
3The Chantry's Hubris
4Elves At The Mercy Of Man
5The Dwarven Nobles
6Mages In Their Chantry
7The Common Dwarf
8The Dalish
9Human Nobility
10Ruins Of Ostagar
11Enter The Korcari Wilds
12Darkspawn In The Wilds
13Join The Grey Wardens
14The Betrayal
15The Party Camp
16Battle The Darkspawn Hordes
17The Endless Wave Of Hurlocks
18The Dalish Elves' Encampment
19Urn Of Sacred Ashes
21Battle For The Urn
22Attack On Denerim
23The Dungeons Of Landsmeet
24Dungeons And Dungeons
26The Battle Of Lothering Village
27Ferelden At War
28Lelianna's Song
29King Edrin
30The Deep Roads
31Battle The Blight
32To Kill An Ogre
33Challenge An Arch Demon
34The Coronation
35I Am The One (Dark Fantasy Version)
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