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Kirby Mass Attack Original Soundtrack

Kirby Mass Attack Original Soundtrack

あつめて!カービィオリジナル・サウンドトラック Atsumete! Kirby Original Soundtrack (GAMERIP)
Release DateSep 19, 2011
ArtistsShogo Sakai
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsNintendo DS
GamesKirby Mass Attack
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Disc 1
Disc 2
1Kirby Collecting (Title)
2The Skull Gang (Story Demo 1)
3Green Grounds - Map
4Jump Out (Stage Start)
5Meadow Breeze (Plains Area)
6Cleared at Last (Stage Clear)
7Woods Wayfarer (Forest Area)
8Dark Clouds (Dark Forest/Underwater Area)
9Underground (Cave Area)
10Fearsome Foe (vs. Sub-Boss) ["Room Guarder" from Kirby 64]
11From Above (World Map 1)
12Skulls Swing In (Story Demo 2)
13Daroach Reunion
14Sandy Canyon - Map
15Desert Scorcher (Desert Area 1)
16Lovely Oasis (Oasis Area)
17Night Desert (Desert Area 2)
18Lonely Desert (Desert Area 3)
19Swallowed Exit (Riding Gondolus)
20Lifted Upward (Elevator Area)
21Ruins at Night (Ruins Area 1)
22Ruins Ahead (Ruins Area 2)
23Rally Forth (Boss Stage Start)
24Tough Enemy (vs. Boss) ["King Dedede's Theme" from Kirby's Dream Land]
25Goal in Sight (Boss Goal)
26Dedede Resort - Map
27Southern Shore (Sea Area)
28Let's Play (Dedede Dome)
29Fetching Fruit (Bonus Area)
30Fruit King (Pinball Area)
31Surfing Stars (Surfing Area)
32Over the Water (Deep Sea Area 1)
33At the Bottom (Deep Sea Area 2)
34Sunken Ship (Ship Area)
35Snowy Zone (Snow Area)
36Icy Realm (Ice Cave Area)
37Fun Castle (Dedede Castle)
38Tree to Tree (Falling Tree Area)
39Through the Sky (Sky Area)
40Fly Far Far Away (Goal Warp)
41Checking Extras
42Mole Mayhem (Field Frenzy - Title)
43Out of the Holes ~ Smash 'Em Up (Field Frenzy)
44Pinball Scuffle (Kirby Brawlball - Title)
45Pinball Play (Kirby Brawlball)
46Slots Aplenty (Kirby Brawlball - Bonus)
47Showdown (Kirby Brawlball - vs. Boss)
48Big Gold Star (Kirby Brawlball - Clear)
49Final Curtain (Kirby Curtain Call)
50Mushroom Path ~ Hopscotch Time (Dash Course)

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