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Crash Twinsanity: The Complete Soundtrack

Crash Twinsanity: The Complete Soundtrack

Release DateSep 28, 2004
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip
PlatformsPlayStation 2, Xbox
GamesCrash Twinsanity
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Tracks tagged by Wheatley_Teh_Genius/Cornholio09


Disc 1
Disc 2
1N. Sanity Island
2Attract Demo (Humiliskate - Short Edit)
3The Doctor In Drag
4Dr. Neo Cortex & Mecha-Bandicoot
5Cavern Catastrophe
6Mind Games
7Doc Amok (Totem Hokum)
8River Rollerbrawl
9Worming Around (Worm Chase)
10Totem Trouble
11The Totem God
12Cortex's Magnificent WHALE Of A Plan!
13Iceberg Lab
14Iceberg Lab (Unused Faster Variation)
15Ice Climb (Unused)
16Uka-Uka: The Ice Creature
17Masks To Riches
18Curse You, Crash Bandicoot!
19Intelligent Idea (N. Sanity Island - Short Edit)
20Humiliskate (Slip-Slide Icecapades)
21Henchmania (High Seas Hi-Jinks)
22N. Gin On Deck
23The Rusty Walrus
24N. Tropy & N. Brio

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