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Pokémon Puzzle League Original Soundtrack

Pokémon Puzzle League Original Soundtrack

Pokémon Puzzle League GAMERIP OST
Release DateSep 25, 2000
Artists Lawrence Schwedler
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip
PlatformsNintendo 64
GamesPokémon Puzzle League
Avg. Rating: (5 by 1 users)
Ripped by: Josh W. | Tagged by: 1337haXXor


1Settings Select
3Professor Oak's Laboratory
4Professor Oak's Laboratory [Danger!]
5Ash's Theme
6Ash's Theme [Danger!]
7Gary's Theme
8Gary's Theme [Danger!]
9Brock's Theme
10Brock's Theme [Danger!]
11Misty's Theme
12Misty's Theme [Danger!]
13Lt. Surge's Theme
14Lt. Surge's Theme [Danger!]
15Erika's Theme
16Erika's Theme [Danger!]
17Koga's Theme
18Koga's Theme [Danger!]
19Sabrina's Theme
20Sabrina's Theme [Danger!]
21Blaine's Theme
22Blaine's Theme [Danger!]
23Tracey's Theme
24Tracey's Theme [Danger!]
25Team Rocket's Theme
26Team Rocket's Theme [Danger!]
27Giovanni's Theme
28Giovanni's Theme [Danger!]
29Ritchie's Theme
30Ritchie's Theme [Danger!]
31Lorelei's Theme
32Lorelei's Theme [Danger!]
33Bruno's Theme
34Bruno's Theme [Danger!]
35Mewtwo's Theme
36Mewtwo's Theme [Danger!]
37Cassidy and Butch's Theme
38Cassidy and Butch's Theme [Danger!]
39Welcome to the Pokémon Spa
40It's Team Rocket! (Round 1 - Vikings)
41It's Team Rocket! (Round 1 - Vikings) [Danger!]
42It's Team Rocket! (Round 2 - Cheer Squad)
43It's Team Rocket! (Round 2 - Cheer Squad) [Danger!]
44It's Team Rocket! (Round 3 - Ballet)
45It's Team Rocket! (Round 3 - Ballet) [Danger!]
46It's Team Rocket! (Round 4 - Wedding)
47It's Team Rocket! (Round 4 - Wedding) [Danger!]
48It's Team Rocket! (Round 5 - Kabuki)
49It's Team Rocket! (Round 5 - Kabuki) [Danger!]
50Game Over

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