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MediEvil (1998) Soundtrack

MediEvil (1998) Soundtrack

メディーバル 〜甦ったガロメアの勇者〜オリジナル・サウンドトラック
Release DateOct 21, 1998
ArtistsAndrew Barnabas, Paul Arnold
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip
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1SCEE title
2The History of Gallowmere
4Title Screen
5Map of Gallowmere
6Dan's Crypt intro
7Opening 1
8Dan's Crypt, The Graveyard
9Closing 6
10Cemetery Hill
11The Hilltop Mausoleum
12Return to the Graveyard, The Pumpkin Serpent
13Scarecrow Fields intro
14Opening 2
15Scarecrow Fields
16Closing 4
17Pumpkin Gorge
18Pumpkin Gorge Interlude
19The Sleeping Village intro
20Opening 3
21The Enchanted Earth, The Sleeping Village
22Closing 1
23The Asylum Grounds intro
24The Asylum Grounds
25Closing 3
26Inside the Asylum intro
27The Enchanted Earth intro
28The Ant Caves
29The Ant Caves Interlude
30Pools of the Ancient Dead intro
31Pools of the Ancient Dead, The Gallows Gauntlet
32The Crystal Caves
33The Haunted Ruins
34The Ghost Ship intro
35Opening 5
36The Ghost Ship
37Closing 2
38The Entrance Hall intro
39The Time Device intro
40Opening 4
41The Time Device
42Track 7
43Track 7 Interlude
44Closing 5
45Hall of Heroes
46Hall of Heroes Interlude
47Boss Fight
48Boss Defeated
49Zarok Battle
51Ending + Bonus

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