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Mother 3 Complete Soundtrack

Mother 3 Complete Soundtrack

Release DateApr 20, 2006
ArtistsShogo Sakai
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip
PlatformsNintendo Game Boy Advance
GamesMother 3
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1Let's Begin!
2Fun Naming
3Voice 1101
5Alec's Log House
6Mom's Hometown
8I'm A Mole Cricket!
9Enemy Encounter!
10Bothersome Guys
11You Won!
12Stand Up Strong
13As You Wish
14A Letter To You, Honey
15Carrier Pigeon
16Mysterious Flying Object
19Chapter 1
20Sound Of Siren
22To Sunshine Forest
23Forest Prayer Sanctuary
24Forest Of Flames
25The Enemy Attacks!
26Mr. Batty Twist
27The Water's Great
28Enter The Pigmasks!
29Dangerous Guys
30Troublesome Guys
32Back Beat Battle
33Gentle Rain
34Homely Yado Inn
35Letter From You, My Sweet
36Hard Rain
37Let's Go Together!
38Run, My Dog, Run!
39Somewhere, Someday
40Got A...
42Mischievous Blues
43Tragic Reconstruction
45Mother 3 Love Theme
46Sorrowful Tazmily
47Lonely Room
48In The Room
49Going Alone
50Fun Bazaar
51The Bread's Ready!
52Beyond The Sunshine Forest
53More Mischievous Blues
54Cumbersome Guys
55Mambo De Battle
56With My Father-In-Law
57Astonishing March
58Magypsy Party
59Much Better!
61More Troublesome Guys
62Toppling March
63Big Enemy Encounter!
64Fight With Mecha-Drago
66Level Up!
67Long Shadow
68Chapter 2
69Passing Down Secrets
70Mind Of A Thief
71Suspicious Flying Object
74Tough Zombeat
77More Cumbersome Guys
78Osohe Castle
79More Dangerous Guys
80Back Beat Battle - Hard
81And El Mariachi
82Dry Guys
83Etude For Ghosts
84Got Somethin' Good!
85Ragtime Osohe
86Mambo De Battle Plus
88Unfounded Revenge
90Family Matters: 2nd Movement
91The Room Too Mysterious
92Fanfare Of The Noble Spittoon
93Morning Already
94A Master, A Father, A Thief
95Piggy Guys
96Piggy Something
97Open Sesame Oil!
98Open Sesame Tofu!
99Learned PSI!
100Ode To Ancestors: 8th Movement
101Formidable Foe
102Butch And The Villagers
103Chapter 3
104Monkey's Love Song
105We're Going Together...?
106Bean Bean Pork Bean
107BzZzT! Even In My Dreams!
108The Peddler's Grand Speech
109Monkey's Delivery Service
111What Happened?!
112Laugh! Be Happy!
113Formidable Foes
114Audacious March
116Thanks, Drago!
117Something Strange Is Going On
118Love Theme (Reprise)
119Chapter 4
120A Railway in Our Village!
121Good Morning
123Hotel Yado
124My Wonderful Room
125Fun Shopping
126Happy Town?
127A Little Elegy
128What's Beyond The Tunnel?
129Even Drier Guys
130Murasaki Forest
131Whew, Hauling Is Hard Work
132Good Work
134Ride The Ropeway
135Club Titiboo Theme
136Big Shot's Theme
137Girl's Room
138Shower Time Ballad
139The Attic's A Dungeon?!
140Intense Guys
141A 16-Beat Attack!
142A Marching Attack!
143Rock And Roll (Mild)
144Rock And Roll (Spicy)
145Lucky's Room
146Bon Voyage, Amigo
147What's That?!
148Chapter 5
149Oh No!
150Dangerous Highway
151Pork Bean Outta Gas
152Parking Area: Dur-T Cafe
153White (Owner's Recommendation)
154Fairies (Neckbeard's Recommendation)
155Resolve (Gum Guy's Recommendation)
156Blessing (Skinhead's Recommendation)
157Adolescence (Toilet Cow's Recommendation)
158Wasteful Anthem
159His Highness' Playroom
160His Highness' Memory: 2S
161His Highness' Memory: 2H
163GENE 163-1425
164Aria Of Unease
165Chapter 6
166Sunflowers And Illusions
167Name These Children
169A Tiny, Enormous Miracle
170Chapter 7
171Right Left Light Reft
172Quite The River
173Magypsy's Home, Sweetie-Pie
174Magypsy's Gone, Cutie-Pie
175Razor And Lipstick
176And Yet, El Mariachi
177Close Your Eyes, Sugar
178She Was Like A Sunflower
179Let's Ride The Train!
180The Green Train's Fun, Too!
181It's Chimera Research
182Pink Shell
183Pulling Of The Needles
184More Audacious March
185Mole Cricket Elder
187His Highness' Theme
188Smashing Song Of Praise
189A Flying Whatchamacallit
190Mr. What's-His-Nose
191Mr. Saturn Theme Z
192Tragic Security
193Hustle For Pride
194War Of The Words
195We Humming
196Volcano! Inferno!
197Fassad And Interperter
198Coffee Break
199Got Somethin' Great!
201O2 In Love
202Tanetane Island
204Is It Just Me Or Are You Gorgeous?
205Strong One
206And Then There Were None
207Is Anyone There?
208Like Looking For Dropped Pickles
209Chupichupyoi For World Heritage
211Strong One (Masked Man)
212True Welcome!
213Life's An Inner Turn Radius
214NPC Loves You!
215Chapter 8
216Isn't This Such A Utopia?!
217Blip-Blip High Score
218No Eating Crackers In The Cinema
219Beauty And Tasty
220New Pork Bossa
221Absolutely Filthy Apartments
222Leder's Gymnopedie
223Afro Bam-Babam
224Hey, Brother! Gimme An A!
225Theme Of DCMC
226Samba De Combo
228Rain, Followed By A Harem
229Refreshing Toilets
230Under Construction...
232Even More Intense Guys
233Mini-Porky's Entrance
234Try Kind Of Hard!
235And... Stop!
236Natural Killer Cyborg
237Time Passage
238A Certain Someone's Memories
239I Am Porky
240Porky's Porkies
241Burst-In Rock 'n' Roll
242Master Porky's Theme
243Absolutely Safe Capsule
244Battle Against The Masked Man
245Memory Of Mother
246It's Over
248Curtain Call
24916 Melodies (Beginning)
250Memory Of Life

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Fun fact: Nintendo will never localize this game