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Jade Empire Original Soundtrack

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack

Release DateJun 14, 2005
ArtistsJack Wall
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsPC, Xbox
GamesJade Empire
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1The Way Of The Open Palm
2Jade Empire Main Theme
3Hills And Fields, Dance Of The Babbling Brook, Fallow Ground
4Fist, Test Your Mettle
5Dawn Star Theme
6The Tea House
7Fury, Hammer And Tongs
8Anthem Of The Tyrant
9Buried Secrets, Whispers
10Mischief In The Marsh
11Empire At War
12Death's Hand Suite
13A Night Out
14Fires Of Chaos
15House Of Spirits, The Dark Land
16Metropolis I and II
17Ill Winds
18Ballad Of The Drunen Revelers
19Call To Victory
20Into The Fray
21The Waterdragon
22Last Rites, Internment
23Silk Fox Theme
24Wine And Women
25Lost In The Wilds, The Hunt
26Sky Theme
28Rending Of Flesh
29Soaring, Stormclouds
30Torment, The Way Of The Closed Fist
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