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Saga of Tanya the Evil Special Soundtrack CD

Saga of Tanya the Evil Special Soundtrack CD

幼女戦記 スペシャルサウンドトラックCD Youjo Senki Special Soundtrack CD
Release DateJun 28, 2017
ArtistsShuji Katayama
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
AnimationsSaga of Tanya the Evil
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1Young Girl's War: Saga of Tanya The Evil
2In The Cursed World Of Constant Warfare
3Mayday! Mayday!
4A Monster Covered With A Young Girl's Skin
5My Soul
6The Indivisualist
7Work For A Salary
8Being X
9Let's Go Ahead And Do Our Best!
10He is MAD
11Reich Imperial Army March Under The Flag Of A Double Headed Dragon
12Imperial Army Staff Conference
13Total Inclination
14Trench Warfare
15New Weapon Development
16Victory Or Death
17Deus lo vult
18The Rationalist
19Empire Vs Fortitude
20Flight To Victory
21Secure The Rear
22Borrowed Cat
23How Did This Happen!?
24Motherland, Forever
25The God Of Invention Flew Down
26The Footsteps Of The Approaching War
27The Demon Of The Rhine
28Dawn Of Madness
29Unbelievable Fate
30Trial of Fire
31Plus Ultra
32Victory At The End Of The War
33A Feast Of Celebration
34Republic Anti War Declaration
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