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DOOM Eternal Original Game Soundtrack

DOOM Eternal Original Game Soundtrack

Release DateApr 19, 2020
ArtistsBobby Prince, Mick Gordon
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsPC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
GamesDoom Eternal
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1Hell On Earth
2Cultist Base
3Blood Harvesting
4Soul Extraction
5BFG Division 2020
6Metal Hell
7Paradise Lost
9The DOOM Hunter
10Infiltrate The Cult
11A Cultist Prayer
12Demonic Corruption
13Maykr Drones
14The Khan Maykr (Chad Mossholder Remix)
15Deag Ranak
16Mars Core
17Deag Nilox - First Priest Death
18The Icon Of Sin
19Phobos Space
20A Slayer City
21The Super Gore Nest
22The Only Thing They Fear Is You
23Asteroids And Rockets
24You Can't Just Shoot A Hole Into The Surface Of Mars
25DOOM Hunted
26Blood Sacrifice
27Welcome Home Great Slayer
28Prayer Of The Diminished
29Gladiator Boss
30Beast Of The Arena
31Fortress Of Doom - Chad Mossholder
32Revenant Possession
33Usuper Gore
35Super Shotgun Reunion
36The Baron Of Hell
37Doomed Hunter
38Command And Control
39BFG 10k
40Sam's Base
41Phobos Base
42Acquiring The BFG
43Heart Of The Beast
45Bio-organic Continuum Gate
46Massive Demonic Presence
47Armored Response Coalition
48Kalibas The Sightless Judge
49Kalibas The Sightless Judge
50S.O.S. From Earth
51Barging In
52Taras Nabad
53King Novik
54The Khan Maykr
56Eternal Prophecy
57The Betrayer
58DOOM Eternal
59End Of Level
60Final Sin - Sandy City
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