Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Over Drive Original Sound track -1


Release DateApril 3, 200
ComposersKow Otani
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byPony Canyon
PlatformsAnime, Series
ProductsOver Drive


01Take all over! (mikoto’s Theme)2:17
02Wheel by wheel2:06
03Vital beat2:29
04After school comedy1:06
05Storm clouds growing1:47
06Close to the edge1:45
07Harder way out2:02
08Inner tension (nearly blow out)1:54
09How should I do?1:33
10Warm bleezin`1:40
11The rival2:11
12The first touch2:19
14(How I am) far from you2:20
15Shift up to win2:47
16(A boy with) Losers face1:17
17Rambling images1:54
18Friend or enemy?1:55
19A portrait of you1:49
20Brave hearts2:37
21Mikoto on the top of the hill2:14
22School life2:12
23Silent cruise1:58
25Laugh to cry, cry to laugh1:22
26Dangerous curve1:40
27High speed battle2:29
28The final sprint2:32
29Prides and glories3:30

Disc length 58:12

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