Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

RWBY, Vol. 5 (Original Soundtrack & Score)

Release DateJune 8th, 2018
ComposersJeff Williams
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byRooster Teeth Productions
PlatformsSeries, ONA


01. The Triumph
02. Ignite
03. Path to Isolation
04. Smile
05. All Things Must Die
06. This Time
07. All That Matters
08. Gold (Acoustic)
09. Armed and Ready (Falk Remix)
10. Let’s Just Live (Harry Lodes Remix)
11. Welcome to Haven
12. Dread in the Air
13. I Found Him!
14. Hello Leonardo…
15. Mayday! Lancers!
16. Thank You, Sienna
17. Progress Takes Patience
18. First Times All Around
19. Jackpot
20. I’m Her Daughter, After All
21. Fighting Shape
22. Subtlety Is Out
23. A Few Signatures
24. Who Would Ask for This?
25. Qrow’s Rough Day
26. I’ve Seen That Bird Before…
27. Dinner & Coffee
28. When Weiss Was Ten
29. A Note from Ilia
30. Battle at the Belladonna’s
31. Strength in Forgiveness
32. A Proposal I Can Get Behind
33. Things Aren’t Looking Good
34. Showdown in Haven Academy
35. “C” Is for Cinder
36. Ooozzzpppiiinnn!!!
37. The Vault
38. Look Who’s Talking…
39. Take This Fight Outside
40. Cease Fire!
41. The Relic & Aftermath

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