Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Devil May Cry 5 Original Soundtrack

デビル メイ クライ 5

Release DateMar 20, 2019
ComposersKota Suzuki, John R. Graham, Yoshiya Terayama, Hiromitsu Maeba, Casey Edwards, Stephen McNair, Cody Mattew Johnson, Jeff Rona
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published bySuleputer
PlatformsPCPlayStation 4Xbox One
ProductsDevil May Cry 5


01Devil May Cry 5 Titlescreen1:44
02The Qliphoth (Prologue)1:14
04Demon’s Throne0:48
05Unbearable Pressure3:20
06Unbearable Pressure (Rush Percussion Ver.)1:35
07A Sword Shatters To Pieces2:29
08It Absorbs the People’s Blood1:03
09Reflection (Mission Clear)1:01
10The Heaven of My Hell (Opening)0:36
11Devil Trigger (Opening Remix)2:29
12Devil Shocker0:38
13Enter the Devil Shocker (Mission01 Start)1:17
14Devil Trigger (Devil Shocker Remix)2:42
15Devil Trigger (Instrumental Edit)1:50
16A Man’s Face Peeks Through The Robes1:49
17GARAGE (Main Menu)4:38
18Ugh, Come On… (Nero Mission Start)2:31
19Devil Trigger (Game Edit)6:22
22Heading for C@tastrophe1:42
23Any Special Orders? (Nico’s Shop)4:39
25Blazing Muscle4:55
26End of the World (Gameover)0:27
27Mysterious Stranger1:26
28Flying Outdoors2:35
29Nice Scissors!0:33
30Floating Indoors2:14
31A Date With Corruption0:36
32Lunatic Ray4:02

Disc length 69:35

01Enjoy the Taste of Despair! (V Mission Start)1:56
02Wave Street3:15
03Crimson Cloud (Game Edit)5:50
04Five-Four Time (Secret Mission)1:58
05Splitting Fool (Introduction)1:02
06Splitting Fool3:12
07Lucky Fall0:37
08It’s Kind of Chilly4:48
09Abyssal Time4:05
10The End of Stillness0:32
11I’d Also Like to Jump3:32
12My Dear Friend1:39
13It’s Time to Get to Work0:52
14Hand Picked Noise (Character Select)0:42
15Dark Ruin2:51
16Feel the Shock2:13
17Mysterious Stranger Returns1:10
18The Blood Soaked Ground2:19
19Divinity Statue3:16
20More Fear0:45
21Unavoidable Despair3:32
22Perfect Timing1:04
23This, I Like (Devil May Cry Office)1:27
24Dead Tired3:45
25Anarchy In The U.W. (DMC5 Remix Intro)0:39
26Anarchy In The U.W. (DMC5 Remix)1:45
27Beyond Defeat1:27

Disc length 60:13

01How Do You Like This! (Dante Mission Start)2:16
02The World is Screaming Ver. 12:46
03Subhuman (Game Edit)7:03
04The World is Screaming Ver. 22:57
05Pitch Dark1:55
07Voltaic Black Knight (Introduction)0:44
08Voltaic Black Knight3:37
09It Becomes Cavaliere0:36
10V’s Beginning1:49
12Breakneck Predator0:22
13Legacy (Instrumental Ver.)1:59
14Birth Place1:31
15The Demon’s Face0:41
16Unwavering Bravery2:53
19Piece of Cake3:20
20Same Old, Same Old2:23
223 Goddamn Hags3:06
23Faded Tone “G”1:37
24Faded Tone “A”1:37
25Faded Tone “C”1:37
26Critical Moment1:01
27Hellish Gimmick4:09
28Diabolical Incantation3:52
29Diabolical Incantation (Chaotic Ver.)1:42

Disc length 62:45

01Falling Into the Crevice1:59
02Gatekeeper Unleashed1:23
03Roar, Roar, Roar!!4:24
04Breaking the Icy Ground0:40
05True Wishes1:19
06Liar Landscape1:57
07Undeniable Fate4:16
08Undeniable Fate (Rush Percussion Ver.)2:04
10Sword Fight2:51
11Under the Atmosphere0:48
13Entering the Gelidium Jelly1:29
14Grilled Tandoori Smoke2:00
15Silent Siren1:43
16Psycho Machine2:37
18Complex Emotions1:24
19The Duel (Introduction)0:30
20The Duel2:57
21Massive Power1:10
22Your Legacy1:39
24Improvisation for Violin on a Main Theme “Legacy”1:50
25Silver Bullet3:13
26Inherited Intentions2:21
27I’m Not Crying!2:13
28Legacy (DMC5 Main Theme)3:08
29Legacy (Piano Improvisation Ver.)1:30
30Here Goes!!1:31

Disc length 59:17

01Devil Trigger6:47
02Crimson Cloud4:51
04The Crunching Rhythm of Chiba “Rakkasei”1:12
05Any Special Orders? (Tropical Devil Night Remix)2:16
06Devil Trigger (Tropical Devil Night Remix)2:09
07Nero’s Dance Music0:25
08Nero’s Guitar Music0:31
09V’s Dance Music0:30
10Dante’s Dance Music0:36
11Gate to Hell1:39
12Special Music Outro (Nero)0:13
13Special Music Outro (V)0:15
14Special Music Outro (Dante)0:16
15History of DMC5:44
16E3 2018 Announcement Trailer2:37
17Main Trailer3:56

Disc length 39:07

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