Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Dragon Quest Builders Original Soundtrack (GAMERIP)

Release DateFebruary 9, 2018
ComposersKoichi Sugiyama
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Unofficial/Gamerip
Rip by: @SittingOnCloud
PlatformsPlayStation 3PlayStation 4PlayStation VitaNintendo Switch
ProductsDragon Quest Builders


01. Overture (Dragon Quest I)
02. Château Tantagel (Dragon Quest I)
03. Name Input (Dragon Quest I)
04. Unknown World (Dragon Quest I)
05. Battle (Dragon Quest I)
06. Dungeon (Dragon Quest I)
07. DragonLord (Dragon Quest I)
08. Finale (Dragon Quest I)
09. Endless World (Dragon Quest II)
10. Symphonic Poetry (Dragon Quest II)
11. Requiem (Dragon Quest II)
12. In a Town (Dragon Quest III)
13. In a Town (Night) (Dragon Quest III)
14. Village (Dragon Quest III)
15. Village (Night) (Dragon Quest III)
16. Adventure (Dragon Quest III)
17. Adventure (No Intro) (Dragon Quest III)
18. Dungeon (Dragon Quest III)
19. Alefgard Overworld (Dragon Quest III)
20. In a Town (Dragon Quest IV)
21. In a Town (Night) (Dragon Quest IV)
22. Homeland (Dragon Quest IV)
23. Mysterious Shrine (Dragon Quest IV)
24. Battle (Dragon Quest IV)
25. Flying Bed (Dragon Quest VI)
26. Château Tantagel (Dragon Quest I) [NES]
27. Unknown World (Dragon Quest I) [NES]
28. Battle (Dragon Quest I) [NES]
29. Dungeon (Dragon Quest I) [NES]
30. DragonLord (Dragon Quest I) [NES]
31. Endless World (Dragon Quest II) [NES]
32. Symphonic Poetry (Dragon Quest II) [NES]
33. Requiem (Dragon Quest II) [NES]
34. In a Town (Dragon Quest III) [NES]
35. Village (Dragon Quest III) [NES]
36. Adventure (Dragon Quest III) [NES]
37. Dungeon (Dragon Quest III) [NES]
38. Alefgard Overworld (Dragon Quest III) [NES]
39. In a Town (Dragon Quest IV) [NES]
40. Homeland (Dragon Quest IV) [NES]
41. Mysterious Shrine (Dragon Quest IV) [NES]
42. Battle (Dragon Quest IV) [NES]
43. Completion
44. Purification
45. Win
46. Level Up
47. Item Get
48. Death
49. Curse
50. Dragon Quest I Fanfare
51. Dragon Quest IV Fanfare (Small)
52. Dragon Quest IV Fanfare (Medium)
53. Dragon Quest IV Fanfare (Large)
54. Main Item Get


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