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Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Original Sound Version

Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush Gamerip Soundtrack
タッチ! カービィ スーパーレインボー オリジナルサウンドトラック

Release DateFebruary 20, 2015
ComposersShogo Sakai, Megumi Ohara
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Unofficial/Gamerip
Rip by: !!!!!
PlatformsNintendo Wii U
ProductsKirby and the Rainbow Curse


01. Wii U Menu
02. Title Theme
03. Opening
04. Main Menu [“Green Greens” from Kirby’s Dream Land]
05. Stage Select
06. Learn the Controls!
07. The Adventure Begins
08. Stage Clear Dance
09. Up the Big Ol’ Tree
10. Go for the Giant Star
11. Great Cave Escape
12. Time’s Almost Up!
13. Invincible!
14. Escape from Grab Hand [“The Skull Gang” from Kirby Mass Attack]
15. What’s This Now? (Approaching Boss)
16. That Stubborn Tree! (vs. Whispy Woods)
17. Boss Clear Dance
18. A Happy Message
19. Treasure Chest
20. Treasure Chest Opened!
21. Figurine Showcase
22. Reading the Secret Diary
23. Challenge Mode [“Title” from Kirby’s Dream Land]
24. Whoops!
25. Game Over
26. The Desert
27. Dig and Dash [“Radish Ruins” from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror]
28. More Dig and Dash
29. Evade and Dig and Dash
30. Crossing the Sands [“Coo’s Theme” from Kirby’s Dream Land 2]
31. Deploy the Kirby Tank! [“Green Greens” from Kirby’s Dream Land]
32. Battle in Numbers [“Mid-Boss Battle” from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards]
33. The Long-Lost Ruins
34. Find the Weak Point [“Skullord” from Kirby Mass Attack]
35. Red-Hot Battle! (vs. Hooplagoon & Claykken 1)
36. The Sea
37. The Sea Drifting on the Waves [“Southern Shore” from Kirby Mass Attack]
38. Swept Out to Sea
39. Fever Time! [“Fetching Fruit” from Kirby Mass Attack]
40. Dethskullk Jam
41. The Haunted Ship
42. Close to the Surface
43. Kirby Submarine’s Torpedo Time
44. Submarine Battle
45. Alone in Dark Waters
46. Undersea Battle! (vs. Hooplagoon & Claykken 2)

01. The Sky
02. Rainbow Across the Skies
03. The Wild Red Yonder
04. Kirby Rocket’s Big Blastoff
05. Hit the Switch?
06. Fly to the Exit!
07. The Forest
08. Beware the Forest Fungus
09. Woodland Battle
10. Braving the Storm [“Mid-Boss Battle” from Kirby Mass Attack]
11. Gondola Ride
12. Grievous Gondola Ride [“Cocoa Cave” from Kirby Super Star]
13. Deep-Divin’ Kirby Submarine
14. Watch Out for that Sloth
15. The Volcano
16. Burning Secrets
17. Scared of Getting Seared
18. Volcanic Panic
19. Junk Airspace
20. Infiltrate the Junk Factory!
21. Collecting Stars
22. Kirby + Kirby
23. Wonder Space
24. Wonder Space Warped
25. A Bad Feeling
26. Second Meeting
27. Decisive Battle (vs. Claythia)
28. Final Transformation!
29. The Final Battle (vs. Dark Crafter)
30. Back to Dream Land
31. Staff Roll
32. The Return of Color
33. Green Greens [from Kirby’s Dream Land]
34. The Adventure Begins (Arrange Ver.)
35. King Dedede [from Kirby’s Dream Land]
36. Through the Sky [from Kirby Mass Attack]
37. Vegetable Valley [from Kirby’s Adventure]
38. Top Ride Medley [from Kirby Air Ride]

01. Candy Constellation [from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror]
02. Boss Theme [from Kirby’s Dream Land]
03. Reflected Laughter [from Kirby Triple Deluxe]
04. Milky Way Wishes [from Kirby Super Star]
05. Ripple Field [from Kirby’s Dream Land 3]
06. Snowball Scuffle [from Kirby’s Return to Dream Land]
07. Ice Cream Island [from Kirby’s Adventure]
08. Boss Battle [from Kirby Super Star]
09. Sky Tower [from Kirby’s Return to Dream Land]
10. The Asteroid [from Kirby Mass Attack]
11. Butter Building [from Kirby’s Adventure]
12. Rainbow Resort [from Kirby’s Adventure]
13. The Beginner’s Room [from Kirby Super Star]
14. Forest Area [from Kirby’s Adventure]
15. Yogurt Yard [from Kirby’s Adventure]
16. Coo’s Theme [from Kirby’s Dream Land 2]
17. Bubbly Clouds [from Kirby’s Dream Land]
18. Big Forest [from Kirby’s Dream Land 2]
19. Revenge of the Enemy [from Kirby Triple Deluxe]
20. Kirby Medley [from Kirby Super Star]
21. Rest Area [from Kirby Super Star]
22. Iceberg Ocean [from Kirby’s Dream Course]
23. Revenge of Meta Knight: Ending [from Kirby Super Star]
24. Heavy Lobster [from Kirby Super Star]
25. Vast Darkness [from Kirby Mass Attack]
26. The Factory [from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards]
27. Moonlight Capital [from Kirby Triple Deluxe]
28. The Legendary Halberd [from Kirby Squeak Squad]
29. Milky Way Wishes: Shooting [from Kirby Super Star]
30. CROWNED [from Kirby’s Return to Dream Land]

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