Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Original Sound Version

Release DateMarch 20, 2013
ComposersChad York, Darren Radtke, Mike Peacock
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Unofficial/Gamerip
Ripped by: koopatroop
 Nintendo 3DS
ProductsLuigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon


01. Title
02. Bunker
03. Garage
04. Gloomy Manor ~Medley~
05. Ghosts [Gloomy Manor Ver A]
06. Ghosts [Gloomy Manor Ver B]
07. Ghosts [Gloomy Manor Ver C]
08. Distant Piano
09. Library Piano
10. Catching Ghosts ~Medley~
11. Room Clear
12. Dual Scream
13. Professor E.Gadd’s Theme
14. Level Clear
15. Results
16. Breather
17. Sticky Situation ~Medley~
18. Cellar
19. Possessed Spider Battle A
20. Possessed Spider Battle B&C ~Medley~
21. Grouchy Possessor Appears
22. Catching Grouchy Possessor
23. Gradual Infiltration ~Medley~
24. Haunted Towers ~Medley~
25. Ghosts [Haunted Towers Ver A]
26. Ghosts [Haunted Towers Ver B]
27. Ghosts [Haunted Towers Ver C]
28. Challenge Failed
29. Challenge ~Medley~
30. Challenge Result ~Medley~
31. Slipping Down on Eerie Staricase
32. Eerie Staircase ~Medley~
33. Possessed Staircase Battle ~Medley~
34. Harsh Possessor Appears
35. Catching Harsh Possessor
36. Hostile Intrusion ~Medley~
37. Clockwork Ruins ~Medley~
38. Old Clockworks ~Medley~
39. Ghosts [Old Clockworks Ver A]
40. Ghosts [Old Clockworks Ver B]
41. Ghosts [Old Clockworks Ver C]
42. Mini-Boss Battle ~Medley~
43. Possessed Clockworks Battle ~Medley~
44. Overset Possessor Appears
45. Challenge Begins [Old Clockworks Ver]
46. Outlandish Interruption ~Medley~
47. Secret Mine ~Medley~
48. Ghosts [Secret Mine Ver A]
49. Ghosts [Secret Mine Ver B]
50. Ghosts [Secret Mine Ver C]
51. Possessed Ice Battle ~Medley~
52. Shrewd Possessor Appears
53. Catching Shrewd Possessor
54. Challenge Begins [Secret Mine Ver]
55. Severe Infestation ~Medley~
56. Treacherous Mansion ~Medley~
57. Ghosts [Treacherous Mansion Ver A]
58. Ghosts [Treacherous Mansion Ver B]
59. Ghosts [Treacherous Mansion Ver C]
60. Big Boo Battle ~Medley~
61. Big Boo Popped ~Medley~
62. Terrifying Invasion, Paranormal Chaos ~Medley~
63. Possessed Armor Battle ~Medley~
64. Possessed Giant Armor Battle ~Medley~
65. Tough Possessor Appears
66. Catching Tough Possessor
67. King Boo’s Illusion ~Medley~
68. King Boo’s Pursuit ~Medley~
69. King Boo’s Last Stand ~Medley~
70. Catching King Boo
71. LMDM Staff Roll

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