Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Pokémon X & Pokémon Y: Super Music Collection

Release DateNov 13, 2013
ComposersShota Kageyama, Minako Adachi, Hitomi Sato, Junichi Masuda, Morikazu Aoki, Go Ichinose, Satoshi Nohara
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byThe Pokémon Company
PlatformsNintendo 3DS
ProductsPokémon X and Y


01Title Screen1:01
02Opening Movie0:15
03Kalos Region Theme1:33
04An Adventure Is Beginning0:20
05Vaniville Town1:49
06Route 11:00
07Aquacorde Town1:22
08Friends Theme “A New Meeting”1:05
09Obtained a Key Item!0:04
10It’s a Pokémon Battle!0:53
11Battle! (Friend)1:58
12Hurry Along 10:28
13Route 21:52
14Santalune Forest1:14
15Obtained an Item!0:04
16Battle! (Wild Pokémon)1:28
17Victory! (Wild Pokémon)0:34
18Level Up!0:04
19Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Youngster)0:20
20Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Lass)0:19
21Battle! (Trainer Battle)2:42
22Victory! (Trainer Battle)0:33
23Santalune City1:23
24Pokémon Center1:17
25Pokémon Healed0:04
26Changed into Basic Clothes (Boy)0:05
27Changed into Basic Clothes (Girl)0:05
28Pokémon Gym1:26
29Battle! (Gym Leader)4:19
30Victory! (Gym Leader)1:22
31Obtained a Gym Badge!0:07
32Obtained a TM!0:06
33Route 42:26
34Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Poké Fan)0:22
35Sina and Dexio0:36
37Lumiose City1:47
38The Sycamore Pokémon Lab1:16
39Professor Sycamore’s Theme1:10
40Pokédex Evaluation… You’ve Just Begun!0:05
41Dark Skies1:13
42Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Twins)0:20
43Camphrier Town1:23
44Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Tourist)0:27
45Parfum Palace1:46
46Together with Shauna0:47
47Poké Flute0:09
48Hurry Along 20:54
49Received a Pokémon Egg!0:04
50Pokédex Evaluation… You’re on Your Way!0:05
51Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Butler)0:23
52Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Maid)0:31
53Route 81:55

Disc length 50:22

01Glittering Cave2:15
02Team Flare Appears!0:59
04Congratulations! Your Pokémon Evolved!0:06
05Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Swimmer♀)0:25
06Cyllage City1:15
07Changed into Colorful Clothes (Boy)0:04
08Changed into Sporty Clothes (Girl)0:06
10Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Hiker)0:24
11Obtained a Berry!0:04
12Geosenge Town1:52
13Pokédex Evaluation… Keep at It!0:05
14Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Honeymooners)0:33
15Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Black Belt)0:32
16Shalour City2:47
17Tower of Mastery1:57
18Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Roller Skater)0:39
19Battle! (Successor Korrina)3:46
21Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Swimmer♂)0:33
22Riding Skiddo0:34
23Coumarine City2:01
24How About a Song? “An Unwavering Heart”1:46
25The Kalos Power Plant2:28
26Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Team Flare)0:48
27Battle! (Team Flare)2:22
28A Mysterious Figure0:42
29The Lighting of Prism Tower0:06
30Quiz Time in the Lumiose City Gym!0:06
31Friends Theme “Reunited”1:03
32Pokédex Evaluation… Not Bad!0:06
33Scary House0:58
34Laverre City2:18
35Changed into Exotic Clothes (Girl)0:05
36Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Furisode Girl)0:46
37Route 151:56
38Pokédex Evaluation… Looking Good!0:06
39Dendemille Town1:23
40Move Deleted0:04
41Obtained a Mega Stone!0:05

Disc length 42:12

01Anistar City2:11
02Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Psychic)0:57
03Changed into Feminine Clothes (Girl)0:04
04Lysandre Labs2:12
05An Eternal Prison3:08
06The Ultimate Weapon Deployed1:04
07Team Flare Secret Hq1:45
08The Legendary Pokémon Awoken1:07
09Battle! (Xerneas/Yveltal)2:40
10Battle! (Lysandre)2:44
11Victory! (Team Flare)0:38
12Firing the Ultimate Weapon (Pokémon X)0:37
13Firing the Ultimate Weapon (Pokémon Y)0:45
15Route 182:57
16Friends Theme “Friends Forever”1:31
17Snowbelle City2:03
18Changed into Elegant Clothes (Girl)0:05
19How About a Song? “Jubilife City”1:43
20Pokémon Village1:02
21Pokédex Evaluation… It’s Great!0:06
22Victory Road2:04
23Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Ace Trainer)0:33
24The Pokémon League1:22
25Battle! (Elite Four)4:36
26Battle! (Champion)3:05
27Victory! (Champion)0:52
28Congratulations on Entering the Hall of Fame!1:23
29The Sun Shines Down1:54
30I’ll Go With You2:44

Disc length 53:28

01The TMV Departs0:04
02Kiloude City1:50
03Changed into Special Clothes (Boy)0:04
04Changed into Special Clothes (Girl)0:04
05Battle Maison1:24
06Received Battle Points!0:04
07Friend Safari1:25
08Pokédex Evaluation… It’s Amazing!0:09
09Gogoat Shuttle0:40
10Obtained Wallpapers!0:04
12Sushi High Roller1:15
14Changed into Classic Clothes (Boy)0:06
15Changed into Classic Clothes (Girl)0:04
16Coiffure Clips1:14
17PR Video Studio1:11
18PR Video BGM “Cute 1”0:12
19PR Video BGM “Cute 2”0:15
20PR Video BGM “Cute 3”0:15
21PR Video BGM “Cute 4”0:14
22PR Video BGM “Elegant 1”0:15
23PR Video BGM “Elegant 2”0:16
24PR Video BGM “Elegant 3”0:16
25PR Video BGM “Elegant 4”0:12
26PR Video BGM “Cool 1”0:16
27PR Video BGM “Cool 2”0:15
28PR Video BGM “Cool 3”0:14
29PR Video BGM “Cool 4”0:13
30PR Video BGM “Classical 1”0:16
31PR Video BGM “Classical 2”0:15
32PR Video BGM “Classical 3”0:14
33PR Video BGM “Classical 4”0:14
34PR Video BGM “Lively 1”0:16
35PR Video BGM “Lively 2”0:12
36PR Video BGM “Lively 3”0:14
37PR Video BGM “Lively 4”0:14
38PR Video BGM “Rhythmical 1”0:14
39PR Video BGM “Rhythmical 2”0:14
40PR Video BGM “Rhythmical 3”0:14
41PR Video BGM “Rhythmical 4”0:13
42PR Video BGM “Mature 1”0:11
43PR Video BGM “Mature 2”0:13
44PR Video BGM “Mature 3”0:13
45PR Video BGM “Mature 4”0:15
46PR Video BGM “Thrilling 1”0:15
47PR Video BGM “Thrilling 2”0:14
48PR Video BGM “Thrilling 3”0:14
49PR Video BGM “Thrilling 4”0:15
50Another Chapter in Looker’s Tale0:05
51Looker’s Theme1:05
52Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Punk Guy)0:48
53Hotel Richissime1:21
54Looker’s in Trouble!0:55
55Emma’s Theme1:25
56Looker’s Sorrowful Theme1:35
57Berry Picker1:11
58Head It1:13
59Tile Puzzle1:35
60Tile Puzzle Complete!0:05
61Let’s Super Train!0:28
63Super Training!2:08
65Try Again…1:06
66Unlocked a New Super-Training Regimen!0:04
67Secret Super Training!2:11
68A Poké Radar Hit!0:34
69Poké Radar Chain!0:21
70Battle Spot1:00
71Wonder Trade1:04
73Game Sync1:13
74Mystery Gift0:57
75Pokédex Evaluation… It’s Complete!0:13
76Battle! (Mewtwo)3:05
77Title Screen1:56
78Title Screen [Pokémon Origins Version]1:20
79Battle! (Wild Pokémon)1:27
80Battle! (Wild Pokémon) [Pokémon Origins Version]2:03
81Battle! (Trainer Battle)3:14
82Battle! (Trainer Battle) [Pokémon Origins Version]1:45
83Final Battle! (Rival)2:29
84Final Battle! (Rival) [Pokémon Origins Version]2:09
86Cycling [Pokémon Origins Version]1:03

Disc length 66:59

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