Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Maximum Overdrive - Team Sonic Racing Original Soundtrack

Release DateMay 29, 2019
ComposersJun Senoue, Hyper Potions, Tee Lopes
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byWAVE MASTER ENTERTAINMENT (distributed by avex entertainment)
PlatformsPCPlayStation 4Xbox OneNintendo Switch
ProductsTeam Sonic Racing


01Green Light Ride Main Theme of TSR 
02System: Start Screen 
03System: Select Game Mode 
04Wisp Circuit: Intro Fly-by/Lap Music 
05Wisp Circuit: Final Lap 
06Wisp Circuit: Goal 
07Mother’s Canyon: Intro Fly-by 
08Mother’s Canyon: Lap Music 
09Mother’s Canyon: Final Lap 
10Mother’s Canyon: Goal 
11Doctor’s Mine: Intro Fly-by 
12Doctor’s Mine: Lap Music 
13Doctor’s Mine: Final Lap 
14Doctor’s Mine: Goal 
15System – Main Menu 
16System – Loading 
17Ocean View: Intro Fly-by 
18Ocean View: Lap Music 
19Ocean View: Final Lap 
20Ocean View: Goal 
21Lost Palace: Intro Fly-by 
22Lost Palace: Lap Music 
23Lost Palace: Final Lap 
24Lost Palace: Goal 
25Whale Lagoon: Intro Fly-by 
26Whale Lagoon: Lap Music 
27Whale Lagoon: Final Lap 
28Whale Lagoon: Goal 
29System – Mod Pods 
30System – Result Screen 
31Green Light Ride (Racing Mix) 
32Green Light Ride (Opening ver.) 
33System – Options 
34System – Online Multiplayer 
35System – Tips 
36System – Player Stats 
37Mother’s Canyon (Spotlight ver.) 
38Green Light Ride – Wall5 Remix
01Green Light Ride (The Qemists Scores Remix) 
02Ice Mountain: Intro Fly-by 
03Ice Mountain: Lap Music 
04Ice Mountain: Final Lap 
05Ice Mountain: Goal 
06Frozen Junkyard: Intro Fly-by 
07Frozen Junkyard: Lap Music 
08Frozen Junkyard: Final Lap/Goal 
09Hidden Volcano: Intro Fly-by 
10Hidden Volcano: Lap Music 
11Hidden Volcano: Final Lap 
12Hidden Volcano: Goal 
13Roulette Road: Intro Fly-by 
14Roulette Road: Lap Music 
15Roulette Road: Final Lap 
16Roulette Road: Goal 
17Bingo Party: Intro Fly-by 
18Bingo Party: Lap Music 
19Bingo Party: Final Lap 
20Bingo Party: Goal 
21Pinball Highway: Intro Fly-by 
22Pinball Highway: Lap Music 
23Pinball Highway: Final Lap 
24Pinball Highway: Goal 
25Sand Road: Intro Fly-by 
26Sand Road: Lap Music 
27Sand Road: Final Lap 
28Sand Road: Goal 
29Boo’s House: Intro Fly-by 
30Boo’s House: Lap Music 
31Boo’s House: Final Lap 
32Boo’s House: Goal 
33Clockwork Pyramid: Intro Fly-by 
34Clockwork Pyramid: Lap Music 
35Clockwork Pyramid: Final Lap 
36Clockwork Pyramid: Goal 
38Pre Race 
41Meeting Team Sonic 
42Meeting Team Dark 
43Meeting Team Rose 
44Meeting Team Vector 
46Eggman’s Dread
01Green Light Ride (Tyler Smyth Remix) 
02Market Street: Intro Fly-by 
03Market Street: Lap Music 
04Market Street: Final Lap 
05Market Street: Goal 
06Sky Road: Intro Fly-by 
07Sky Road: Lap Music 
08Sky Road: Final Lap/Goal 
09Haunted Castle: Intro Fly-by 
10Haunted Castle: Lap Music 
11Haunted Castle: Final Lap 
12Haunted Castle: Goal 
13Thunder Deck: Intro Fly-by 
14Thunder Deck: Lap Music 
15Thunder Deck: Final Lap 
16Thunder Deck: Goal 
17Dark Arsenal: Intro Fly-by 
18Dark Arsenal: Lap Music 
19Dark Arsenal: Final Lap 
20Dark Arsenal: Goal 
21Turbine Loop: Intro Fly-by 
22Turbine Loop: Lap Music 
23Turbine Loop: Final Lap 
24Turbine Loop: Goal 
37Metal Sonic 
40Planet Wisp 
41Seaside Hill 
43Casino Park 
44Rooftop Run 
46Final Fortress

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