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Kirby's Return to Dream Land Music Selection

Kirby's Return to Dream Land Music Selection

KIRBY Wii MUSIC SELECTION 星のカービィ Wii ミュージックセレクション
Release DateJun 25, 2012
ArtistsHirokazu Ando, Jun Ishikawa
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsNintendo Wii
GamesKirby’s Return to Dream Land
Avg. Rating: (5 by 1 users)


1With Four Buddies: Cookie Country
2Magolor the Wayfarer
3The Adventure Begins
4Hiyah! Super Ability
5Through the Woods
7Over the Hill
8Signs of Battle
9Exciting! Boss Battle
10Parts Sphere Get! ~ Clear Dance
11Green Greens / Kirby Wii ver.
12Raisin Ruins
14Exotic Pyramid
15Onion Ocean
16Happy Mambo
17Walking in the Sea
18White Wafer
19Snowball Fight
20Nuts Noon
21Waltz in the Sky
22Sky Tower
23A Dream of Clouds
24Clash! Mid-Boss Tower
25Parts Sphere Get? ~ Grand Doomer
26Distant Halcandra
27Egger Engines
28Steel Hometown
29Techno Factory
31Dangerous Dinner
32Haldrabo Volcano
33Unlimited Power
34Ultra Super Boss Battle
35Another Dimension
36Four-Headed Guardian: Landia
37Road to Victory
38Warrior from Another World
39Fly! Kirby
40Under My Control
42Return to Dreamland
43Bonus Track: A Dream of Sky, In the Fountain of Rainbows
44Bonus Track: Last Battle
45Bonus Track: Four Buddies and the Wayfarer
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