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Dark Void Original Video Game Score

Dark Void Original Video Game Score

Release DateFeb 9, 2010
ArtistsBear McCreary
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsPC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
GamesDark Void
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1Theme from Dark Void
2Prologue and Main Title
3Village Attack
4A Mysterious Jungle
5Altar Sacrifice
7Ava and the Rocket
8Tesla's Laboratory
9The Prophesized One
10Taking Flight
11Crash Site
12Void Requiem
13Ava and Tesla Return
14Above the Canopy
15Hieroglyphs and Betrayal
16Defending the Ark
17The Collector
18Survivor Camp Combat
19The Watcher Airship
20Watcher Prison
21The Imperator
22Will and Ava
23The Dweller
24Ava's Sacrifice
25Will at the River
26Dark Void End Credits
27Theme from Dark Void (Mega Version Bonus Track)
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