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Persona 4 Arena Original Arranged Soundtrack

Persona 4 Arena Original Arranged Soundtrack

Persona4 The ULTIMATE in MAYONAKA ARENA Original Arrange Soundtrack CD P4U Original Arrange Soundtrack CDペルソナ4 ジ・アルティメット イン マヨナカアリーナアレンジサウンドトラック
Release DateJul 26, 2012
ArtistsAtsushi Kitajoh, Shoji Meguro, Toshiki Konishi
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Arrangement
PlatformsArcade, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
GamesPersona 4 Arena


1The Arena (Naked Mix)
2The Hero from Junes (Electro Mix)
3Like a Dragon (Girl Pop Mix)
4Princess Amagi (Traditional Taste Mix)
5The Wandering Wolf (Straight Mix)
6Missions for the Brilliant Executioner (2K Mix)
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