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Bravely Default Revo Linked Concert - Luxendarc Travelogue

Bravely Default Revo Linked Concert - Luxendarc Travelogue

Luxendarc Kikou / Linked Horizon ブレイブリーデフォルト - ルクセンダルク紀行 / Linked Horizon
Release DateFeb 3, 2013
Artists Akira Senju, Linked Horizon, Revo
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Arrangement, Live Event, Original Soundtrack, Vocal
PlatformsNintendo 3DS
GamesBravely Default


1Theme of the Linked Horizon
2Luxendarc Travelogue
3Overture to Hope
4Horizon of Light and Shadow
5Ship Racing Across the Wide Ocean and Open Skies
6The Gongs of Battle / Fighting to the End [Long Version]
7He of the Name... [Vocalized Version]
8Joy of Victory
9Under a Hollow Moon [Vocalized Version]
10World of Scattering Flowers [Vocalized Version]
11A Crystal's Darkness [Concert Arranged Version]
12Windswept Day [Concert Arranged Version]
13Strained Time
14Under the Duchy's Banner
15Foolish Event
16You are My Hope [Vocalized Version]
17Wind's Course [Vocalized Version]
18Baby Bird [Vocalized Version]
19Love's Vagrant [Vocalized Version]
20Love in the Crossfire [Long Version]
21Wicked Battle
22Wicked Flight
23Serpent Eating the Horizon
24Ballad Moving Toward Hope [Concert Arranged Version]
25Concert Credits
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