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SCARLET NEXUS Digital Soundtrack

SCARLET NEXUS Digital Soundtrack

Release DateJun 25, 2021
ArtistsHayata Takeda
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsPC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
GamesScarlet Nexus
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1Dream In Drive
3The OSF -Advancing-
4Grab your power by yourself
5Suoh - A Sparkling Red Metropolitan
6Calm at heart
7Elimiate the Others
8The Other Appeared
9A fresh breath of air
10The OSF -Be prepared-
11The Abandoned Commercial City
12The Abandoned Commercial City -the other-
13Break Time
14An illusionary city plan
15An illusionary city plan -the other-
16Crisis Approaching
17Faded Bustles
18Faded Bustles -the other-
19Stand up to the threat
20Ran over, Crushed and Scattered
21With a carved injury
22Bet our powers
23Unremovable anxiety
24An Abondoned Highway Dominated by Nature
25An Abondoned Highway Dominated by Nature -the other-
26The ones that consume [brains]
27A far and warm memory
28Incompatible thoughts
29The madness inside
30Seiran - Desiring the Blue mirror
31A hidden taboo
32A freezing breath
33Human Wisdom [Bridge of Purification]
34Welcome to the Musubi's
35An Acrobat in the rainbow-colored skies
36What is waiting at the last -the other-
37My Sweet Hideout
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