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Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Original Sound Version

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Original Sound Version

Release DateMar 20, 2020
ArtistsChad York, Darren Radtke, Mike Peacock
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsNintendo 3DS
GamesLuigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
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Ripped & Edited by koopatroop


4Gloomy Manor ~Medley~
5Ghosts [Gloomy Manor Ver A]
6Ghosts [Gloomy Manor Ver B]
7Ghosts [Gloomy Manor Ver C]
8Distant Piano
9Library Piano
10Catching Ghosts ~Medley~
11Room Clear
12Dual Scream
13Professor E.Gadd's Theme
14Level Clear
17Sticky Situation ~Medley~
19Possessed Spider Battle A
20Possessed Spider Battle B&C ~Medley~
21Grouchy Possessor Appears
22Catching Grouchy Possessor
23Gradual Infiltration ~Medley~
24Haunted Towers ~Medley~
25Ghosts [Haunted Towers Ver A]
26Ghosts [Haunted Towers Ver B]
27Ghosts [Haunted Towers Ver C]
28Challenge Failed
29Challenge ~Medley~
30Challenge Result ~Medley~
31Slipping Down on Eerie Staricase
32Eerie Staircase ~Medley~
33Possessed Staircase Battle ~Medley~
34Harsh Possessor Appears
35Catching Harsh Possessor
36Hostile Intrusion ~Medley~
37Clockwork Ruins ~Medley~
38Old Clockworks ~Medley~
39Ghosts [Old Clockworks Ver A]
40Ghosts [Old Clockworks Ver B]
41Ghosts [Old Clockworks Ver C]
42Mini-Boss Battle ~Medley~
43Possessed Clockworks Battle ~Medley~
44Overset Possessor Appears
45Challenge Begins [Old Clockworks Ver]
46Outlandish Interruption ~Medley~
47Secret Mine ~Medley~
48Ghosts [Secret Mine Ver A]
49Ghosts [Secret Mine Ver B]
50Ghosts [Secret Mine Ver C]
51Possessed Ice Battle ~Medley~
52Shrewd Possessor Appears
53Catching Shrewd Possessor
54Challenge Begins [Secret Mine Ver]
55Severe Infestation ~Medley~
56Treacherous Mansion ~Medley~
57Ghosts [Treacherous Mansion Ver A]
58Ghosts [Treacherous Mansion Ver B]
59Ghosts [Treacherous Mansion Ver C]
60Big Boo Battle ~Medley~
61Big Boo Popped ~Medley~
62Terrifying Invasion, Paranormal Chaos ~Medley~
63Possessed Armor Battle ~Medley~
64Possessed Giant Armor Battle ~Medley~
65Tough Possessor Appears
66Catching Tough Possessor
67King Boo's Illusion ~Medley~
68King Boo's Pursuit ~Medley~
69King Boo's Last Stand ~Medley~
70Catching King Boo
71LMDM Staff Roll

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