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Wario Land: Shake It! Original Sound Version

Wario Land: Shake It! Original Sound Version

Release DateSep 22, 2008
ArtistsTomoya Tomita
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip
PlatformsNintendo Wii
GamesWario Land: Shake It!
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Ripped & Tagged by !!!!! (demon2warrior)


Disc 1
Disc 2
Disc 3
1Wario Land Shake It!
2Main Menu
3Aboard The Sweet Stuff
4Aboard The Sweet Stuff - Part 2
5Stage Clear
6Captain Syrup's Shop
7New Area
8Stonecarving City
9Merfile Cage Opened
10Launchpad Labyrinth
11Whoopsy Desert
12Disturbing Tomb
13Foulwater Falls
14Gurgle Gulch
15Run-down Pyramid
16Unlocking Boss Door
17Before Boss
18Rollanratl Battle
19Boss Defeated
20Boss Emblem Obtained 1
21Area Clear

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