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Yesterday Origins Original Game Soundtrack

Yesterday Origins Original Game Soundtrack

Release DateDec 17, 2016
ArtistsDuane Decker
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
GamesYesterday Origins
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1Behold the Power of the Inquisition
2The Son of the Duke Must Die
3Ubaldino De Malantúnez
4The Son of the Devil Must Live
5Fly Me to the Ground
6Pauline Petit's Nth Death (feat. David Vazquez)
7Happy Birthday, Boris
8Unkei's Prime
9Time Out
10Lord Bile
11A True Gentlewoman
12Death at Santa Brigida
13The Monk Who Couldn't Print
14My Good Ursus
15Two Strong Margaritas (For Amanda Royce)
16The Legacy of Hyperborea
17Hans Christian Andersen
18Saint Fergus Church
19The Redhead's Melody
21The Kingdom of Death
22A Boat Near the Westertoren
23You Don't Say Sh**t
24What Happened Yesterday
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