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Sly 2: Band of Thieves Soundtrack

Sly 2: Band of Thieves Soundtrack

Release DateSep 14, 2004
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip
PlatformsPlayStation 2
GamesSly 2: Band of Thieves
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1The Museum of Natural History
2The Museum of Natural History(sneaking)
3The Museum of Natural History(danger)
4Episode Menu
5The Black Chateau
6The Black Chateau(sneaking)
7The Black Chateau(danger)
8Breaking and Entering
9Breaking and Entering(sneaking)
10Breaking and Entering(danger)
11Moonlight Rendezvous
12Bug Dimitri's Office
13Greasy Sweet
14Operation: Thunder Beak(Bentley)
15Operation: Thunder Beak(Bentley)(sneaking)
16Operation: Thunder Beak(Bentley)(danger)
17Operation: Thunder Beak(Sly)
18Operation: Thunder Beak(Sly)(sneaking)
19Operation: Thunder Beak(Sly)(danger)
20Printing Press Duel
21A Starry Eyed Encounter
22A Starry Eyed Encounter(sneaking)
23A Starry Eyed Encounter(danger)
24Recon in the Ballroom
25Recon in the Ballroom(sneaking)
26Recon in the Ballroom(danger)
27Dominate the Dance Floor
28Destroy the Chopper
29Bomb the Bridge
30Tango with Carmelita
31The Predator Awakens
32The Predator Awakens(sneaking)
33The Predator Awakens(danger)
34Spice Room Recon
35Spice Room Recon(sneaking)
36Spice Room Recon(danger)
37Operation: Wet Tiger(Murray)
38Operation: Wet Tiger(Sly)
39Showdown with Rajan
43Wall Bombing
44Big House Brawl
45Big House Brawl(sneaking)
46Big House Brawl(danger)
47Chase the Contessa
48Episode Menu 2
49A Tangled Web
50A Tangled Web(sneaking)
51A Tangled Web(danger)
52Know your Enemy
53Know your Enemy(sneaking)
54Know your Enemy(danger)
55Battle the Contessa
56He who Tames the Iron Horse
57He who Tames the Iron Horse(sneaking)
58He who Tames the Iron Horse(danger)
59Cabin Crimes
60Cabin Crimes(sneaking)
61Cabin Crimes(danger)
62Aerial Assault
63Menace in the North, Eh?
64Menace in the North, Eh?(sneaking)
65Menace in the North, Eh?(danger)
66Recon the Sawmill
67Recon the Sawmill(sneaking)
68Recon the Sawmill(danger)
69Operation: Canada Games
70Brains over Brawn
71Anatomy for Disaster
72Anatomy for Disaster(sneaking)
73Anatomy for Disaster(danger)
74Blimp HQ Recon
75Blimp HQ Recon(sneaking)
76Blimp HQ Recon(danger)
77Showdown with Clock-La

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