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Steven Universe: Season 1 (Original Television Score)

Steven Universe: Season 1 (Original Television Score)

Release DateMay 29, 2020
Artistsaivi, surasshu
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
AnimationsSteven Universe


1Steven's Shield
2Pearl's Theme
3The Mother
4luv u (Greg's Theme)
5Dad Museum
6Water Damage / Atop the Sea Spire
7Connie's Theme
8Gimme Gimme
9Sunlit Battlefield / The Sleeping Pyramid
10Lion's Theme
11Amalgam (Amethyst & Pearl's Fusion Dance)
12Opal's Theme
13Heaven Beetle / Earth Beetle
14Dance of Swords
15Holo Pearl
16Lion's Ocean / Lion's Warp
17The Cave
18Rose's Room / Glitch City
19Synchronize (Garnet & Amethyst's Fusion Dance) / Sugilite's Theme
20Rose's Fountain
21Mirror Gem (Lapis' Theme)
22Let Me Out
23I Am Lapis Lazuli
24Night Drive
25Mirror Match
26Lapis' Tower
27Take My Hand
28Love Like You (The Ocean Returns)
29Alexandrite's Theme
30Watermelon Steven
31Lion's Mane / Rose Quartz's Theme
32Peridot's Theme
33Alone Together
34Twilight Run
35Be Cool at the Club
36Future Vision (Garnet's Theme)
38Moonlit Battlefield
39I'm Still Here
40Half A Story / Connie to the Rescue
41Night Drive 2
42Return to the Beach / Jasper's Theme
43Reunion (Ruby & Sapphire's Fusion Dance)
44Collusion (Jasper & Lapis' Fusion Dance)
45Malachite's Theme
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