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Ratchet & Clank (2016) Complete Soundtrack

Ratchet & Clank (2016) Complete Soundtrack

Ratchet and Clank PS4 Original Soundtrack (GAMERIP)
Release DateDec 4, 2016
ArtistsMichael Bross
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip
PlatformsPlayStation 4
GamesRatchet & Clank (2016)
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1Main Theme
2Qwark Tells A Tale
3A Lombax's Dream
4Ship Diagnostics
5Pause Menu
6Kyzil Plateau, Veldin
7Galactic Ranger Tryouts
8Gadgetron Vendor
9Item Acquired!
10Basically Training
11Challenge Complete!
12Ranger Recruitment Rejection/Clank's Birth
13Escape the Warbot Factory
14Escape the Warbot Factory (Alternate)
16Through the Chute
17Outrun Victor Von Ion
18Clank Captured
19Garage Backyard
20Plateau Scrap
21The Garage is Safe
22Weapon Level Up!
23Ratchet & Clank Team Up/Starship Down
24Tobruk Crater, Novalis
25Defend the Planet
26Protect the Mayor
27Failure Sting (Unused)
28Fanfare (Unused)
29Fanfare 2 (Unused)
30Agnogg Buckwash, Mayor of Tobruk Crater
31Regular Office Hours
32Reservoir Caves
33Reservoir Caves (Unused)
34The Waterworks
35The Waterworks (Alternate)
36The Plumber
37Drek Industries Is (Not) Working For You!
38Squared Away
39Slide Down A Sewer Pipe
40The Brain-Eating Zombie T-Rex
41The Galactic Map
42To A New World
43Touching Down
44Locate Skidd
45Skidd McMarx, Pro Hoverboarder
46Sandsark Valley
47Mission Complete (Unused)
48The Chillest Dudes
49Factory Flats
50The Skidd McMarx Sports Shack
51Traversing the Swingshot Course
52Defend the Campsite
53Don Wonderstar, Skidd's Agent
54Don Wonderstar, Skidd's Agent (Alternate)
55Sprocket & Plank
56Sponsors Don't Care
57Blackwater City Hoverboard Competition Promo
58Planet Aridia (Unused)
59Planet Aridia (Unused 2)
60Planet Aridia (Unused Cutscene)
61Slimy Streets
62Blackwater City, Rilgar
63Groovitron (Ambient)
64Groovitron A
65Groovitron B
66Groovitron C
67Groovitron D
68Groovitron E
69Groovitron F
70Underground Pestilence
71Containment Center Conflict
72Mission Complete
73Hoverboard Park
74Starlene the Hoverboard Girl
75To the Starting Line!
76The Blackwater City Hoverboard Competition
77Off to the Races
78Lombax Victorious
79Second to Last
80You Lost! (Unused)
81The Blackwater City Sewers
82The Shady Salesman
83The Blackwater Market
84One New RYNO
86The Trespasser
87Planet Rilgar (Unused)
88Planet Rilgar (Unused 2)
89Dropship Dog Fights
90Mag-Booster Metropolis
91Aleero City Saved/Ship Bombed
92Downtown Garden
93Aleero City, Kerwan
94Big Al's Roboshack, Nerd Heaven
95Big Al's Roboshack, Nerd Heaven (Alternate)
96Blargian Mercenaries
97Grav-Train Station
98Grav-Train Station (Unused)
99The Great Grav-Train Sabotage
100Hall of Heroes Arrival
101Hall of Heroes Arrival/Meet Galactic Rangers
102Brax's Basic Training
103Captain Qwark's Fitness Course
104The Hall of Heroes
105The Captain's Gift
106Qwark's Super Secret Mission
107Planet Kerwan (Unused)
108Captain Qwark (Unused)
109Galactic Rangers (Unused)
110Class-G Star Jumper
111Galactic Ranger Landing
112Station Hub
113Blarg Tactical Research Station, Nebula G34
114Blarg Tactical Research Station, Nebula G34 (Alternate)
115Station Intruders
116Operation: Falling Star
117The Blargian Snagglebeast
118Who's A Good Snagglebeast?
119XK-81 Jetpack Beta Trial
120Blargian Steel
121Blargian Steel (Alternate)
122Fly Like A Bird
123Outside the Station
124Magneboots Acquired
125Escape the Warship
126Warship Self-Destructs!
127Warship Self-Destructs! (Alternate 1)
128Warship Self-Destructs! (Alternate 2)
129Nebula G34 (Unused)
130Nebula G34 (Unused 2)
131Blarg Depot, Gaspar
132Depot Destruction
133Depot Cleared! (Unused)
134Gaspar Rail Ride
135The Brain Scientist
136The Good of All Blarg-kind
137Telepathopus Fields
138Blarg Infobot
139Starwatch Debriefing
140Remaining Brains
141Jetpack Joyride
142Darryl's Reckoning
143Planet Gaspar (Unused Fanfare)
144Planet Gaspar (Unused)
145Planet Gaspar (Unused 2)
146Citadel Chills
147Fort Krontos, Batalia
148Battlement Clearout
149The Starwatch Defense Cannon
150Blarg Battleships Retreat
151Batalia Grind Rail
152Planet Batalia (Unused Cutscene)
154Hydroharvesters (Alternate)
155Jowai Resort, Pokitaru
156Felton Razz
157Resort Escort
158Tiki Telepathopus
159Big Al the Conqueror
160The Pokitaru Tiki Lounge and Karaoke Bar
161The Pokitaru Tiki Lounge and Karaoke Bar (Mono)
162A Teslablast Weapon Kit
163Star Jumper Dog Fighting
164Thrusterpack License
165Jowai Jubilee
166The Scenic Sewers
167Planet Pokitaru (Unused)
168Planet Pokitaru (Unused 2)
169Espionage on Quartu (Game Edit)
170Skorg City, Quartu
171Factory Security Wing
172Central Security Station
173Attack of the Zurkons (Game Edit)
174The Warbot Factory
175The Mother of All Synthenoids
176Mrs. Zurkon's Family Values
177Interrogation of Zed (Game Edit)
178Victor's Death Ship
179Von Ion's Revenge
180Ferocious Oxide
181Onboard the Deplanetizer
182Fight to the Bridge
183Drek's Office
184Qwark's Deception
185The Planetary Conjunction
186Gadgetron Headquarters, Kalebo III
187Mag-Train Grind
188The Map-O-Matic Room
189Gadgetron Weapons Testing Lab
190The Office of Wendell Lumos
191Wendell Lumos, CEO of Gadgetron
192The Kalebo Challenge
194Invasion Repelled
195Planet Kalebo III (Unused)
196Planet Kalebo III (Unused 2)
197Planet Kalebo III (Unused Cutscene)
198Deplanetizer Infiltration Plan
199The Sheepinator (Game Edit)
200Sanitation Fields
201Hologuise Sneakery
202Button Repellent
203Ratchet Drops the Ball
204Duel with Captain Qwark
205Dr. Nefarious' Gadgetron Insta-Mech
206Starcracker Chase
207Dwarf Star Confrontation
208Nefarious Supernova
209Deplanetizer Escape
210A Story Ends, An Adventure Begins
211Gold Bolt Acquired!
214Robot Whistle Medley

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