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Zero Time Dilemma Original Soundtrack

Zero Time Dilemma Original Soundtrack

Zero Escape - Zero Time Dilemma (GAMERIP) ZERO ESCAPE 刻のジレンマオリジナル・サウンドトラック
Release DateJun 30, 2016
ArtistsShinji Hosoe
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip
PlatformsNintendo 3DS, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita
GamesZero Time Dilemma
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3Quondam Monitors [Monty Hall] [Monitor 2nd Mix]
4Power Room
5Rec Room [Lounge 2nd Mix]
6Unliberated Library [Pantry 2nd Mix]
7Pod Room
8BioLab [Annihilation 2nd Mix]
9Locker Room
10Trash Disposal Room
11Transporter Room
12Manufacturing Room [Gaulem 2nd Mix]
13Healing Room [Treatment 2nd Mix]
14Moral Dilemma [Annihilation 3rd Mix]
15Initiation [Preamble]
16Tough Decision [Make Your Choice]
17Ambidexterity 2nd Mix
18Extreme Extrication 2nd Mix
19CQD Ward BGM 1
20Placidity 2nd Mix
21Trepidation 2nd Mix
22Consternation 2nd Mix
23CQD Ward BGM 2
26Dcom [The Beginning]
27Portentousness 2nd Mix
28Sinisterness Phase 1
29Sinisterness Phase 2
30Clarification 2nd Mix
31Divulgation 2nd Mix
32Anxiousness 2nd Mix
33Strain 2nd Mix
34Sacrificial Demise [Demise 2nd Mix]
35Ustulate Pathos
37Blue Bird Lamentation 2nd Mix
38Interminable Dilemma [CQD: END 1/Credits]
39Interminable Dilemma [CQD END 2/Payoff]
40Nostalgic Scenery
41Mischievousness [Consternation Remix]
42Sinisterness Phase 3
43Riddle and Puzzle 2nd Mix
44Confession 2nd Mix
45Morphogenetic Sorrow [Mix 3] ZTD Ver.
46CQD Ward BGM 3
47Aftermath [Decontamination Room]
48Zero [Unary Game Remix]
49Quantum Computer Dome [Q]
50Solitary Snail
51Extreme Urgency [What Will You Decide?]
52Transient Tranquility
53Glacial Solitude
54Title Screen [Zero Time Dilemma]
55Blue Bird
56Ustulate Pathos [VINTAGE Ver.]
57Bonus Track

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