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Saiki Kusuo no Ψ Nan Original Soundtrack 2

Saiki Kusuo no Ψ Nan Original Soundtrack 2

TVアニメ『斉木楠雄のΨ難』 オリジナル・サウンドトラック 2 The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. Original Soundtrack 2
Release DateJun 27, 2018
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
AnimationsThe Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
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1Psilent Prisoner (TV-size)
2Subtitle 1
3Psi Opening! (M-68Ex)
4New Beautiful Girl (M-56)
5Thrilling Premonition (M-69)
6Subtitle 2
7Sweet Dream 1 (M-70-Female Ex)
8Gyaru Transfer Student (M-59)
9PK Academy School Song (M-76)
10Eye Catch 11
11Wait it is a Pretty Girl (M-57Ex)
12Distress Life (M-67Ex)
13I See The Aura (M-61Ex)
14Subtitle 3
15Ordinary Boy (M-62)
16Sweet Dream 2 (M-70-Fl&Vib Ex)
17Looking For Destined Partner (M-60)
18Psi Hakkenden (TV-size)
19Oteage Psychics (TV-size)
20Eye Catch 12
21Good Grief, Today Has Started (M-73)
22Judgment Knights of Thunder (Continued) (M-66)
23Sweet Dream 3 (M-70-Fl&Vib&Vo Ex)
24Subtitle 4
25PK Academy Newspaper Club (M-58)
26Childhood Friend (M-63)
27Subtitle 5
28Voice of God (M-71Ex)
29Tense (M-72)
30Great Consideration (M-64)
31Salvation (M-74)
32Eye Catch 13
33Calm Days (M-69-2Ex)
34Friendship with Friends (M-75Ex2)
35Duet Shite Kudasai (TV-size)
36Bloody Moon
37Angel Wink
38Bloody Moon (Instrumental)
39Angel Wink (Instrumental)
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