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Diddy Kong Racing Original Soundtrack

Diddy Kong Racing Original Soundtrack

ディディーコングレーシング オリジナルサウンドトラック
Release DateApr 1, 1998
ArtistsDave Wise
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsNintendo 64
GamesDiddy Kong Racing
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1Diddy Kong Racing Theme
2Character Select
3Central Area Introduction
4Central Area Themes
5Lobby Theme Tune
6TT's Theme
7Ancient Lake
8Fossil Canyon
9Jungle Falls
10Hot Top Volcano
11No Entry
12Win The Golden Balloon
13Boss Challenge 2
14Everfrost Peak
15Walrus Cove
16Frosty Village
17Taj's Theme
18Taj's Challenge
19Whale Bay
20Pirate Lagoon
21Crescent Island
22Open Boss Door
23Meet A Boss
24Boss Challenge
25Lose Against Boss
26Boulder Canyon
27Greenwood Village
28Haunted Woods
29Win Challenge Amulet
30Win A Piece of the Amulet
31Win Amulet
32Star City
33Space Port Alpha
34The Secret Tune
35You Can't Beat Me
36Wizpig Challenge
37Wizpig Lose 1
38Wizpig Lose 2
39Think You've Won?
40Open Wizpig Door
41Wizpig In Space
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