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Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle Music Collection

Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle Music Collection

「劇場版ポケットモンスター ココ」ミュージックコレクション "Gekijouban Pocket Monsters: Koko" Music Collection
Release DateDec 23, 2020
ArtistsKenta Higashiohji, Rei Ishizuka, Shinji Miyazaki, Shota Kageyama
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
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1That Voice is...?
2What the Heck is That?!
3To Zarude's Lair
4I'm Leaving the Troop!
5Main Title
6Time to Stuff my Face!!
7I Got a Great Idea!
8It's Flapple!
9The Biotope Company
10Take Flygon to the Springs!
11Zarude's Rule
12A Wavering Heart
13Team Rocket Sneaks In
14Where is This?!
15Koko the Wild Child
16Can You Understand Pikachu?
17Save Falinks!
18Fireworks and Koko
19Head Towards the Jungle
20Why Didn't You Tell Me!
21Eaten by a Cramorant~?!
22We'll Be a Real Family!
23Dada's Great Power
24Search for Clues
25I Was Raised by a Zarude
26To the Healing Springs!
27Head to the Great Tree
28Let Go!!
29Destroyer of the Forest
30Run! Koko!!
33Beg and Plead
34To Protect the Pokémon and the Forest!
36A Vain Struggle
37The Regeneration of the Forest
38Pocket Monsters, Pokémon for Short
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