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Breath of Fire IV Original Soundtrack

Breath of Fire IV Original Soundtrack

ブレス オブ ファイア IV オリジナル サウンドトラック
Release DateMay 24, 2000
ArtistsRyoji, Taro Iwashiro, Yoshino Aoki
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Arrangement, Original Soundtrack
GamesBreath of Fire IV
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Disc 1
Disc 2
1Breath of Fire 4 ~Opening Animation~
2The End and the Beginning ~Main Theme~
3Run Straight
4The World Beneath Your Feet
5It's an Easy Win
62000 Treasures if You Win
7Capital (Slow & Tense)
8The End and the Beginning
9No No No
11First Emperor
12Men of War
13Take the Winnings and Run
14God of War
15Tiny Village in the Desert
16Turn Round and Round
17Under Pressure
18Bastard Sword
19Also Working Today
20A Twisted Face
21A Bitter Atmosphere
22Truth and Dreams
23Watch Your Step
25Yet the Merchants Will Go
26A Man ~Man~
27Sound of a Little Zenny
28Brave Heart
29Dying Wish
30Maybe I'll Even Buy a Sheep
32How Long Will the Rain Last
33Whirlpools Inside (The Frog's Song)
34Flutter (Butterfly)
35Stripes on the Rear (Buzz Buzz Buzz)
36The Unchanging Ones
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