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Mario Golf Original Soundtrack

Mario Golf Original Soundtrack

Mario Golf 64 Original Soundtrack (GAMERIP) マリオゴルフ64オリジナル・サウンドトラック
Release DateJun 11, 1999
ArtistsMotoi Sakuraba
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip
PlatformsNintendo 64
GamesMario Golf
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Rip by: Josh W. | Tagged by: SquareTex


2Main Menu
3Training Menu
5Toad Highlands
6Toad Tournament
7Yoshi's Island
8Yoshi Championship
9Koopa Park
10Koopa Cup
11ShyGuy Desert
12ShyGuy International
13Boo Valley
14Boo Classic
15Hidden Course?
16Tournament Course Intro
17Club Slots Intro
18Stroke Course Intro
19Speed Golf Course Intro
20Skins Match Intro
21Place Your Bets!
22Near Hole: On Par
23Near Hole: Over Par
24Near Hole: Under Par
25Results: Birdie
26Results: Bogey
27Results: Double Bogey
28Results: Eagle
29Results: On Par
30Best Shot Replay
31Final Results
32Hidden Intro/Results? 2
33Hidden Intro/Results?
34Mario Golf!
35Mario Open
36Mario's Star
37Mini Golf Intro
38Mini Golf
39Ring Shot Menu
40Ring Shot
42Vs Course Intro
43Vs Dormie
44Vs Final Results
45Vs Results: Losing
46Vs Results: Tie
47Vs Results: Winning
48Speed Golf Run
49All Complete Bonus Song?
50Alternate Ending?
51Staff Roll

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