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Ninja Gaiden The Definitive Soundtrack Vol. 1

Ninja Gaiden The Definitive Soundtrack Vol. 1

忍者龍剣伝オリジナル・サウンドトラック Shadow Warriors Original Soundtrack
Release DateMay 1, 2017
ArtistsKeiji Yamagishi, Mikio Saito, Ryuichi Nitta
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsArcade, NES (Famicom)
GamesNinja Gaiden
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1The Moonlight Duel (NES)
2Determination: Father's Message (NES)
3The Dragon Ninja (NES)
4Mysterious Woman (NES)
5Bravery: On the Clutches (NES)
6Reminiscence (NES)
7A Sudden Development (NES)
8Like a Howling Gale (NES)
9In Hiding: Pursuing the Nightmare (NES)
10Eyecatch (NES)
11The CIA (NES)
12The Sanctuary of Shadows (NES)
13The Amazing Ryu (NES)
14Crisis (NES)
15Surprise Attack: The Wicked God's Secret Maneuvers (NES)
16Malth the Crimson Terror (NES)
17The Truth Concealed (NES)
18Melancholy Destiny (NES)
19Requiem (NES)
20The Truth Concealed (Reprise) [NES]
21The Menace of Jaquio (NES)
22Battlefield (NES)
23The Demon's Incantation (NES)
24In A Pinch: The Ordeal of Battle (NES)
25At The End of the Battle (NES)
26Irene: Overture of Dawn (Prelude) [NES]
27Credits (NES)
28Game Over (NES)
29Cinema Display Sound Attack 1 (NES)
30Cinema Display Sound Attack 2 (NES)
31Sound Effects (NES)
32Insert Coin (AC)
33Game Start (AC)
34LA Stage (AC)
35LA Stage / Grand Canyon Stage Boss (AC)
36Round Clear 1 (AC)
37NY Stage (AC)
38NY Stage / Transcontinental Railroad Stage Boss (AC)
39Round Clear 2 (AC)
40Las Vegas Stage (AC)
41Las Vegas Stage Boss (AC)
42Round Clear 3 (AC)
43Grand Canyon Stage (Japan) [AC]
44Grand Canyon Stage (USA) [AC]
45Round Clear 4 (AC)
46Transcontinental Railroad Stage (AC)
47Round Clear 5 (AC)
48Final Stage (AC)
49Final Stage Boss (AC)
50Time's Up (AC)
51Game Over (AC)
52Credits (AC)
53High Score Screen (AC)
54Round Clear 1 (USA) [AC]
55Round Clear 2 (USA) [AC]
56Round Clear 3 (USA) [AC]
57Round Clear 4 (USA) [AC]
58Round Clear 5 (USA) [AC]
59Game Over (USA) [AC]
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