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Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz Soundtrack

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz Soundtrack

スーパーモンキーボール ウキウキパーティー大集合オリジナル・サウンドトラック
Release DateNov 19, 2006
Artists Yasushi Asada
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - GameRip
PlatformsNintendo Wii
GamesSuper Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz
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Ripped and tagged by dy32light


1Disc Channel Preview
2Adventure (Title Screen)
3Selector (Main Menu)
4Story Mode Opening (includes SFX)
5Island (World 1: Monkey Island)
6Jungle (World 2: Jumble Jungle)
7Ice (World 3: Smooth Sherbet)
8Sand (World 4: Detritus Desert)
9Grave (World 5: Pirates Ocean)
10Cave (World 6: Cobalt Caverns)
11Lava (World 7: Volcanic Pools)
12Space (World 8: Space Case)
13Swamp (World 9: Sinking Swamp)
14Sky (World 10: Ultra Heaven)
15Bonus Stages
16Tori (Bird) (World 1 Boss)
17Saru (Ape) (World 2 Boss)
18Yetie (Yeti) (World 3 Boss)
19Mechanic (World 4 Boss)
20Tako (Octopus) (World 5 Boss)
21Diva (World 6 Boss)
22Barabara (Loose/Apart) (World 7 Boss)
23Nika (Two?) (World 8 Boss)
24Jingle: World Clear
26Ending (Aiai)
27Ending (Baby)
28Ending (Gongon)
29Ending (Doctor)
30Ending (Meemee)
31Ending (Yanyan)
32Staff Roll
33Name Entry (Ranking)
34Jingle: Win
35Jingle: Lose
36Jingle: Yorokobi (Joy) (Placed Well)
37Jingle: Zannen (Shame) (Placed Poorly)
38Kaeru (Return Home)
39Kirakira (lit: Glitter)
40Minigame Theme 1
41Minigame Theme 2
42Minigame Theme 3
43Minigame Theme 4
44Minigame Theme 5
45Minigame Theme 6
46Minigame Theme 7
47Minigame Theme 8
48Minigame Theme 9
49Minigame Theme: Butter (Easy)
50Minigame Theme: Butter (Middle)
51Minigame Theme: Butter (Hard)
52Taiko (Drum)
53Diva (Instrumental)
54Diva (Vocals)
55Title (Japanese) (Unused)
56Dogfight (Unused)
57Trombone Test

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