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Klonoa: Door to Phantomile Original Soundtrack

Klonoa: Door to Phantomile Original Soundtrack

Kaze no Klonoa: door to phantomile Original Soundtrack 風のクロノア door to phantomile オリジナルサウンドトラック
Release DateFeb 25, 1998
ArtistsEriko Imura, Hiromi Shibano, Hiroshi Okubo, Junko Ozawa, Kanako Kakino, Kohta Takahashi, Takaki Horigome, Tetsukazu Nakanishi, Tomoko Tatsuta
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
GamesKlonoa: Door to Phantomile
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1And I Begin to Wonder
2Inquisitive Waltz
4The Windmill Song
5Balue & Lephise
6Mine of Lights
7Spiral Truck
8Ghadious Appeares
9The Rongo Lango
10A Pendant
11Grandpa's Chair
12Sad Forest Drum
13Melancholy Soldier
14Jugpot Falls
15Weeping Karal
16Mad Seadoph Blues
17Cursed Pamela
18Joker Mood
19Jugpot King Speaks
20Forlock Twist
21Truck A Go Go
22Count Three
23Beats From Above
24Granny's Word
25I See
26The Ruin's Air
27Blue Cave Echo
28When The Wind Stood Still
29Joker's Move
30Baladium's Drive
31For the Time We've Spent
32Fry Over The Wind
33Red Heat Coronia
35Dawn Over Dawn & Dark Into Dark
36Out of Time
37No Jokes Around
38Facade & Blade
40Untamed Heart
41Difficult to Say
42The Closing Encounter
43Ghadious Laughs
44Wheel of Woe
45Quiet Choir
46Nightmare's On
47The Instrumentality
48Rapid Eyes Inside
49The Ring
51Peaceful Moment
52I'm on Your Side
55Staff Roll
56Good Night
59Let's Go For A While
60The Tower of Balue
61Thankful Suite
623-2 Prototype
63Demo Prototype
64Opening (Movie)
65Cress (Movie)
66Ending (Movie)
67Thankfull Suite (Instrumental)
68S.E. Track
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