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Princess Tutu Complete Music Collection ~ Volle Musiksammlung

Princess Tutu Complete Music Collection ~ Volle Musiksammlung

プリンセスチュチュ 全曲集 ~Volle Musiksammlung~ Princess Tutu Zenkyokushuu ~Volle Musiksammlung~
Release DateDec 19, 2018
ArtistsKaoru Wada, Ritsuko Okazaki, Tatsuya Murayama
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack - Arrangement, Original Soundtrack, Vocal
AnimationsPrincess Tutu
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Disc 1
Disc 2
Disc 3
Disc 4
Disc 5
Disc 6
1Morning Grace [Opening Theme]
2Avant [M1]
3Beginning of the First Day [M2]
4Comical Duck [M3]
5Sentimental Duck [M4]
6Anxiety [M5]
7Panicking Duck [M6]
8The Nutcracker No. 2 March
9Drosselmeyer's Shadow [M7A]
10Drosselmeyer's Shadow Lite Ver. [M7B]
11Drosselmeyer's Resurrection [M8A]
12Drosselmeyer's Resurrection Lite Ver. [M8B]
13Mysterious Gold Crown Town [M9]
14The End of the Line for the Story... [M10]
15Prometheus' Tower [M11]
16Edel's Organ [M12]
17Coppélia Music of the Automata [M24]
18The Academy's Mechanical Clock [M15]
19Coppélia Waltz of the Dolls [M23]
20Will to Believe [M16]
21Omen [M17]
22Mr. Cat's Theme [M18A]
23Mr. Cat's Theme Lite Ver. [M18B]
24Opera 'The Marriage of Figaro' Overture <Excerpts>
25Études Quadruple Time Dance BPM120 [M13A]
26Études Quadruple Time Dance BPM180 [M13C]
27Études Waltz BPM120 Piano Ver. [M14A]
28Études Waltz BPM180 Piano Ver. [M14Bb]
29Études Waltz BPM160 [M14Da]
30Giselle: Act 1, Giselle Appears Piano Solo [M21]
31Giselle: Act 2, Giselle and the Prince Appear [M19]
32Giselle: Act 2, Hilarion Appears [M20A]
33Giselle: Act 2, Wilis' Fugue [M20B]
34On Wings of Songs
35The Carnival of the Animals: March of the Lion
36The Carnival of the Animals: Hens and Roosters
37The Carnival of the Animals: Mule
38The Carnival of the Animals: Kangaroo
39The Carnival of the Animals: Aquarium
40The Carnival of the Animals: The Swan
41The Nutcracker, No. 3, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
42The Nutcracker, No. 5, Arabian Dance
43The Nutcracker, No. 7, Dance of the Reed Pipes
44The Nutcracker, No. 10, Waltz of the Flowers
45Although My Love Is So Small [Ending Theme]
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