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Hextech Mayhem Original Soundtrack

Hextech Mayhem Original Soundtrack

Release DateNov 16, 2021
ArtistsRiot Forge, Stemage
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsNintendo Switch, PC
GamesHextech Mayhem
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1Hextech Mayhem Theme
2Bombs Away!
3Bombin' to the Beat
4Big Top Ziggs
5Boomshack #1
6Rhythm Schism
7Heist and Diced
8Many Planks, Happy Boomday
9Ziggs' Inferno
10Boomshack #2
11Boom and Gloom
12Thrash Course
13Narrow Hexcape, Beat 'em to the Punch
14Bombersault Boogie
15A Blast Unsurpassed, Phonic Boom
16Beats and Streets
17Boomshack #3
18Striker Match
19Appalling Rhythm
20Disappear a Pier
21Scale or Flail
22In the Wick of Time
23Boomshack #4
24The Shortest Fuse
25Ignite the Night
26Extra Wardenary
27Blown Out of Proportion
28Rondo a la Destroyer v. Inventor
29A Yordle Immortal, Famous Blast Words
30Coda Exploda

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