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Killzone 2 - Original Soundtrack from the Videogame

Killzone 2 - Original Soundtrack from the Videogame

Release DateOct 19, 2009
ArtistsJoris de Man
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsPlayStation 3
GamesKillzone 2
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1Opening-Birth Of War-Retribution
2The Second Helghan March-Helghan Forever
3Battle Preparations
4Bridge Is Down
6Protecting The Convoy
7Flight Into Blood Meridian
8Fight Your Way Through
9Heavy Resistance
10An Unexpected Guest
11The Police Station
12Resistance On The Bridge
13Taking The Bridge
14Petrusite Revealed
15The Academy
16Fight The A.T.A.C
17A Day Of Mourning
19Next Stop Tharsis Refinery
20Question Time With Radec
21Dante Garza RIP
22Going Up
23Templar's Last Stand
24The Exoskeleton
26Radec's Personal Guards
27Visari's Lament
28End Credits Suite
29Fight The A.T.A.C (Remixed by singularity23)
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