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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Sound Selection

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Sound Selection

Release DateJul 26, 2019
ArtistsHiroki Morishita, Rei Kondoh, Takeru Kanazaki
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsNintendo Switch
GamesFire Emblem: Three Houses
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1Fire Emblem: Three Houses Main Theme
2Fódlan Winds
3The Land Beloved by the Goddess
4The Archbishop
5The Officers Academy
6Life at Garreg Mach Monastery
7Dwellings of the Ancient Gods
8A Promise
9Beneath the Banner
10Blue Skies and a Battle
11The Night of the Ball
13Tearing Through Heaven
14Gazing at Sirius
15Roar of Dominion
18Chasing Daybreak
19Three Crowns
20Scales of the Goddess
21Recollection and Regret
22Song of the Nabateans
23The Leader's Path
24The King of Lions
25Golden Deer and Crescent Moon
26Javelin of Light
27Shambhala (Area 17 Redux)
28The Curse
30Between Heaven and Earth
32A Place to Rest
33The Edge of Dawn (Seasons of Warefare) (Short Version)
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