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Elemental Gearbolt Original Soundtrack

Elemental Gearbolt Original Soundtrack

Gensei Kyokou Seirei Kidoudan Original Sound Track 幻世虚構・精霊機導弾 オリジナルサウンドトラック
Release DateJan 21, 1998
ArtistsKei Wakakusa
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
GamesElemental Gearbolt
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1Echoes (Title Back)
2Solitude (Menu)
3The Scout (Stage 1)
4Thunder (Stage 1 Boss)
5Forest (Stage 2)
6The Dragon (Stage 2 Boss)
7Fear (Stage 3)
8Force (Stage 3 Boss)
9Wind (Stage 4)
10Fortress (Stage 5)
11The Stage (Stage 5 Boss)
12The Palace (Stage 6)
13Voices (Stage 6 Pre-Boss)
14Arms (Stage 6 Boss)
15Dance (Stage 6 Boss ver2)
16Sorrow (Game Over)
17The Cause (Staff Roll)
18An Ending (Opening)
19A Beginning (Ending)
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