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Genshin Concert 2021 - Melodies of an Endless Journey

Genshin Concert 2021 - Melodies of an Endless Journey

原神 线上音乐会CD碟
Release DateJan 22, 2022
Artists Dirk Brosse, Flanders Symphony Orchestra, Yu-Peng Chen
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Arrangement
PlatformsMobile Phone, PC, PlayStation 4
GamesGenshin Impact
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Disc 1
Disc 2
1Genshin Impact Main Theme
2Mondstadt (Full Concert Version)
3Happy Journey
4Innocent Age
5Contemplation in Snow
6Let's Go, Crimson Knight!
7Dance of Aphros
8Bard’s Adventure
9Mellow Memories
10Fireside Rest
11Photon of Fluctuation
12Knighthood Excellence
13The City Favored by Wind
14Dusk in Mondstadt
15Mondstadt Starlit
16Another Day in Mondstadt
17Angel’s Share
18Windborne Hymn
19Midday Prospects
20Rite of Battle
21The Edge of the Prairie
22Relaxation in Liyue
23Treasury From the Northland
24Slumbering Lore
25Gallant Challenge
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