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The King of Fighters '98 Original Soundtrack

The King of Fighters '98 Original Soundtrack

Release DateAug 19, 1998
Artists MARIMO, SHA-V, Shinsekai Gakkyoku Zatsugidan, SNK Sound Team, TATE-NORIO
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
GamesThe King of Fighters '98
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Disc 1
Disc 2
1CIPHER (Title)
2CIPHER β (MVS Title)
3OK? (Operation Explanation)
4The King Of Fighters (Player Select)
5ESAKA? (Heroes Team)
6W (Victory Demo)
7Kurikinton ~Gomame Guitar Ver.~ (Fatal Fury Team)
8JAPAN (Japan Stage Introduction SE)
9Art Of Fight (Art of Fighting Team)
10Rumbling on the City (Ikari Team)
11Tremble! Shuddering Gong (Psycho Soldier Team)
12Fairy (Women Fighters Team)
13Choi Bounge Ondo (Choi Bounge Entry)
14KOREA (Korea Stage Introduction SE)
15Soul Town (Kim Team)
16Bloody (Orochi Team)
17IN SPITE OF ONE'S AGE (Master Team)
18SPAIN (Spain Stage Introduction SE)
19C62 (Ryuji Yamazaki)
20Blue Mary's BLUES (Blue Mary)
21LONDON MARCH (Billy Kane)
22INTRUSION (Joining In Player Select)
23Stormy Saxophone 2 (Yagami Team)
24USA (America Stage Introduction SE)
25SLUM No.5 (American Sports Team)
26Still Green (Shingo Yabuki)
27The ЯR (Rugal Bernstein)
28ESAKA FOREVER (Kyo Kusanagi vs Iori Yagami)
29COOL JAM (Iori Yagami vs Kyo Kusanagi)
30Rhythmic Hallucination (Yashiro of the Parched Earth)
31FANATIC WALTZ (Shermie of the Raging Lightning)
32MAD FANTASY (Chris of the Flames of Destiny)
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