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Neverwinter Nights Original Soundtrack

Neverwinter Nights Original Soundtrack

Release DateJun 18, 2002
ArtistsJeremy Soule, Kemal Amarasingham
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
GamesNeverwinter Nights
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1Startup Screen
2Prelude (Intro Movie)
3Neverwinter Nights Main Theme
4City of Neverwinter
5Aribeth de Tylmarande
6Academy Attacked (Movie 1)
7The City Core
8Peninsula District
9Prison Fight
10Lair of the Devourer
11Beggar's Nest
12Snake Cult Estate
13The Great Graveyard
14Warrens of the Damned
15Street Encounter
16Shining Serpent Tavern
17No Man's Land
18Blacklake District
19Rich House
20Never's Tomb
21Silver Sails Company
22Seedy Tavern
23City Market
24The Store
25Temple of Tyr
27Castle Never
28False Helm's Hold
29Northern Expedition (Movie 2)
30Aarin Gend
32Castle Jhareg
33Port Llast Mines
34Creator Ruins
36Druid Challenge Circle
37Neverwinter Wood
38Heart of the Forest
39North Road
40Solomon's Ambush
41Luskan Docks
42High Captains' War
43Cutlass Inn
44Wink and Tickle Bordello
45Sewers Beneath Luskan
46Ruins of Illusk
47Morag's Appearance
48Dark Aribeth
49Enemy Revealed (Movie 3)
50Beorunna's Well
52Siege of Fort Ilkard
53Elk Tribe Keep
54Klauth's Demise
55Neverwinter Besieged
56War Zone
57Wizard's Chantry
58Battle Aribeth
59Maugrim Korothir
60Lizardfolk Sanctuary
61Source Stone Battle
62Neverwinter Saved (Movie 4)
64The Silver Marches (SoU)
65Tracking the Kobold Raiders (SoU)
66Journey through Anauroch (SoU)
67Gypsy Caravan Ambushed (SoU)
68Night on the Desert (SoU)
69Hordes of the Underdark Startup Screen (HotU)
70Hordes of the Underdark Main Theme (HotU)
71Queen of the Shattered Mirror (HotU)
72Waterdeep, City of Splendors (HotU)
73Fight in the ''Yawning Portal'' (HotU)
74Tunnels of the Undermountain (HotU)
75Liberating Halaster (HotU)
76Lith My'athar (HotU)
77Zorvak'mur (HotU)
78Dracolich Vix'thra (HotU)
79Confrontation with the Underdark Army (HotU)
80Valsharess Double-Crossed (HotU)
81Frozen Wastes of Cania (HotU)
82Slashing Through Hell (HotU)
83Showdown with Mephistopheles (HotU)
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