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Fairy Tail: Music Festival of The Dragon King

Fairy Tail: Music Festival of The Dragon King

FAIRY TAIL 竜王音楽祭 -Music Festival Of The Dragon King-
Release DateMar 16, 2022
ArtistsMiki Masuda, Remi, Yasuharu Takanashi
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack - Arrangement, Live Event
AnimationsFairy Tail
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1Dragon Force (Live)
2Three Dragon Slayers (Live)
3Dragon Slayer (Live)
4Kurogane (Live)
5Natsu vs. Future Rogue (Live)
6Erza (Live)
7Kyouka Attacks (Live)
8The Magical Land's Traveler (Live)
9Doujigiri Ezel (Live)
10Released Power (Live)
11Mirajane (Live)
12Drops of Time (Live)
13Gray (Live)
14FAIRY TAIL Main Theme 2014 (Live)
15The Dragon's Flame (Live)
16Erza, Slicer of Fate (Live)
17Mystogan (Live)
18Death Fight Against the Executors (Live)
19Magic Duel (Live)
20Erza vs. Erza (Live)
21The Thunder-Fire Dragon Roars (Live)
22FAIRY TAIL Main Theme (Live)
23Last-Minute Magic (Live)
24FAIRY TAIL - A New Adventure (Live)
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