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One Piece Original Soundtrack: Wanokuni

One Piece Original Soundtrack: Wanokuni

ONE PIECE オリジナルサウンドトラック "WANOKUNI"
Release DateMar 16, 2022
ArtistsKohei Tanaka
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
AnimationsOne Piece
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Disc 1
Disc 2
1Wano Country - Opening Curtains, Closing Curtains Theme
2Ebisu Town's Theme
3Onigashima's Theme
4Kaidou's Theme ~Dragon Transformation~
5Wano Country - Opening Curtains, Closing Curtains Theme Simplified
6Banquet in Wano Country! (Festival Music)
7Big Mom's Desire to be Spoiled
8Orochi Castle in Flames
9Fun Daily Life ~Wano Country Arc~
10Eustass Kid's Theme
11Go~! My Servant~ Big Mom!!
12Transform!! Sanji to O-Soba Mask
13Great Performance of the Ninjas. (Mature Ninja Woman Shinobu, Nami, Chopper)
14Luffy ~Awakening~
15Awakened Luffy's Perfomance
16Headliners Appear (Through Trap Door) ~Strolling (Pursuit)
17Luffy's Complete Defeat and Unbreakable Heart
18Kaidou of the Beasts and Straw Hat Luffy ~Confrontation~
19Kozuki Family's Theme ~~Downfall~~
20OVER THE TOP Piano Arrange
21Oden's Tatami Room Tune instrumental
22Oden's Theme ~Wano Country Tour~
23Kurozumi Orochi's Theme
24Oden's Adventure, Travels with Whitebeard and Roger
25Oden's Public Execution
26Kozuki Oden's Feelings - Open the Borders of Wano Country
27Depart! Nine Red Scabbards
28All Hands on Deck, Now to Onigashima
29Kyoshiro Joins the Fight! New Comrade
30Kurozumi Semimaru - Biwa Recital
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