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Rhythm Heaven Complete Music Collection

Rhythm Heaven Complete Music Collection

Rhythm Tengoku Complete Music Collection リズム天国全曲集
Release DateOct 15, 2008
Artists Masami Yone, Tsunku
ClassificationGame Soundtrack - Original Soundtrack
PlatformsNintendo DS, Nintendo Game Boy Advance
GamesRhythm Heaven, Rhythm Tengoku
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Disc 1
Disc 2
Disc 3
1Karate Man
2The Clappy Trio
3Tap Trial
4Space Dance
5Honey Sweet Angel of Love
6WISH - Can't Wait For You
7Night Walk
8The★Bon Odori
9Bon Dance
10Cosmic Dance
11Rhythm Tweezers
12The Snappy Trio
13Tap Trial 2
14Wizard's Waltz
15Marching Orders (Practice)
16Marching Orders
18Sneaky Spirits
19Samurai Slice
20Rat Race
21Sick Beats
23Bunny Hop
24Tram & Pauline
25Quiz Show
26Power Calligraphy
28Bouncy Road
29Toss Boys
31Remix 7 (Rhythm Tengoku)
32Remix 8 (Rhythm Tengoku)
33Remix 6 (Rhythm Tengoku)
34Title Screen (Rhythm Tengoku)
35Menu (Rhythm Tengoku)
36Game Select (Rhythm Tengoku)
37Rhythm Reference Room
38Opening (Rhythm Tengoku)
39Staff Roll (Rhythm Tengoku)
40Game Select 2 (Rhythm Tengoku)
41The Café (Rhythm Tengoku)
42Try Again (Rhythm Tengoku)
43OK (Rhythm Tengoku)
44Superb (Rhythm Tengoku)
45Perfect (Rhythm Tengoku)
46Tutorial (Variation 1)
47Tutorial (Variation 2)
48Tutorial (Variation 3)
49Rhythm Toys (Rhythm Tengoku)
50Horse Machine (Variation 1)
51Horse Machine (Variation 2)
52Horse Machine (Variation 3)
53Horse Machine (Variation 4)
54Confession Machine
55Endless Games (Rhythm Tengoku)
56Drum Lessons
57Rhythm Test Results
58Rap Machine
59Ninja Bodyguard
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